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CTC Area of Study: Balanced Fire Protection 

Code Changes

Code changes submitted for the indicated cycle that are related to this CTC Area of Study. This includes both code changes submitted by the CTC as well as code changes submitted by others.

Resource Documents

Documents which have been posted as they are publicly available. Note: Not all resource documents are publicly available—information on those not posted is available at the link.

Review Documents

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Expand/Collapse Type : Study Groups: Features (formerly Height & Area) Agenda ‎(9)
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Expand/Collapse Type : Study Groups: Features Resource Documents ‎(24)
Expand/Collapse Type : Study Groups: Methodology ‎(2)
Expand/Collapse Type : Study Groups: Roof Vents ‎(53)
Expand/Collapse Type : Study Groups: Vertical Openings ‎(36)
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