Guy Tomberlin, CBO

Guy Tomberlin, CBO

Guy Tomberlin, CBO


ICC Immediate Past President Guy Tomberlin is dedicated to supporting the “Blueprint to the Future” and Vision 2023 initiative; the Code Council’s long-term strategic business plans developed to ensure the association’s continued success, while achieving its public safety mission. “Putting the plans in place has really helped give our association a sense of direction,” Tomberlin says. “We remain optimistic that there will be a marked improvement in the economy in the near future, but the plans we put into place consider various rates of recovery. The Code Council is a relatively young association, and we’re committed to constant improvement.”


Tomberlin is extremely pleased with the incorporation of cdpACCESS, “this could very well be the gateway for many more opportunities as we continue to move into the electronic era.” As we move forward with implementation and increased utilization, it will really help with determining what the landscape may look like for the future of code production and related products. Remote participation will enable a greater engagement with ICC activities, especially for the next generation of ICC Members. This will also be very helpful to those who have experienced reduced budgets and restricted travel allowances.

We have already begun to restructure training, education and certification based on the results of the Vision 2023 efforts. I fully believe that the membership will see a different, more user friendly approach and more ownership of the process. In 1985, at the urging of his apprenticeship instructor, Tomberlin applied for one of three inspector positions advertised with the Fairfax County, Va., building department. “I think I was the third applicant during a very busy time in the construction industry, so there was really nothing special about me getting the job,” Tomberlin quips. Thus began a career in code enforcement that now has him serving as the Immediate Past President of the Code Council Board of Directors.


“I assist the building official with day-to-day operations. I’m the technical resource for various county divisions and agencies,” Tomberlin explains. “My involvement in the building industry, the state and regional Chapters along with the ICC, provides a perspective that the County has really been able to take advantage of.”

Fairfax County is the largest jurisdiction in Virginia, with a population of more than 1.2 million residing in a 400-square-mile region. One of the county’s long-term initiatives has been gaining national exposure by participating in organizations such as the Code Council. Tomberlin began answering that call in 1987 when he began getting involved with an ICC legacy organization. Since then, he has been very active, including service on the International Plumbing and Mechanical Code Development committees. He has earned more than 20 national certifications from the Code Council, including Certified Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Property Maintenance Official, and served a two-year term on the International Accreditation Service (IAS) Board of Directors.


Tomberlin also served as a charter member of the Plumbing Mechanical Gas Listing Committee for another Code Council subsidiary, the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). During an 18-month period from 2007-2009, the committee developed 23 listing criteria for the new ICC-ES PMG Listing Program. At that time, more than 30 products earned PMG listings based on the criteria during his service on the committee. “The committee’s work was very impressive,” Tomberlin says. “I can’t wait to see, 10 years from now, how the program has grown and evolved.”

Planning for the future has been one of Tomberlin’s major initiatives while serving on the ICC Board. He believes the major components of the Blueprint and Vision 2023—developing codes and standards based on the evolving environment, ensuring those codes and standards form the basis for supporting products and services, providing new and added value to existing services and investing in added value of Member benefits—will allow the Code Council to rebound stronger from the recession. Tomberlin says he will also continue to promote open communications with Code Council Members and all stakeholders. “I am completely accessible for any and all matters,” he says. “I will carry all issues forward to the appropriate level and venue. I fully support the concept of transparency of Board matters, both upward and downward.”


Tomberlin has served as Chair of the Executive Council of ICC’s Region XII Chapter. He is also a past president and officer of the Virginia Plumbing and Mechanical Inspectors Association (VPMIA) and the Virginia Building and Code Officials Association (VBCOA). During his two terms as president of VPMIA, the Chapter saw its membership grow to 300 and received the final Chapter of the Year Award presented by a legacy organization before the ICC consolidation. During his term as president of VBCOA, the Chapter reached the 1,000 milestone in membership. Tomberlin was presented a VPMIA Lifetime Achievement Award, and he is a two-time recipient of the VBCOA Meritorious Award.

Away from the office—and his code enforcement, committee and ICC Board service—Tomberlin describes himself as a “weekend hacker” triathlete. His training efforts have paid off. He is a multiple winner of the ICC Fun Run at the Annual Conference. Tomberlin and his wife of more than 30 years have two adult children: a daughter who resides close by with their beautiful granddaughter, and a son who is employed in the restaurant industry.