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1/2 hour fire rating?
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Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  Roger Adkins

Posts: 0

5/17/2005 11:58:00 AM

Go to your UL book volume 1
for walls and ceiling P-page 489 thru 708


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  inspectress

Posts: 0

5/17/2005 12:58:00 PM

Also look at 2003 IBC Table 721.6.2(1). I just took a class from ICC on multi family and the instructor referred to this table.


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  cda

Posts: 0

5/17/2005 1:26:00 PM

2003 IBC Table 721.6.2(1).

deals with exterior walls

you might call the gypsum people

[This message has been edited by cda (edited 05-17-2005).]


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  rasampson

Posts: 0

5/17/2005 1:31:00 PM

I called the ICC and the guy I spoke to had absolutely no idea of what would be considered 1/2 hour floor or wall. I know that the NFPA 101 life safety code has a statement in the existing hospital section that states that the requirement for 1.2 hour walls in a corridor mean just that, any wall would meet a 1/2 hour rating. BUT the AHJ will not accept that and somehow I need to determine a method for 1/2 hour rated wall and floor/ceiling assembly.


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  cda

Posts: 0

5/17/2005 2:09:00 PM

How about seeing if the ahj will accept approved or equal to 1/2 hour or give them a performance based proposal.


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  rasampson

Posts: 0

5/17/2005 2:14:00 PM

This has to do with a new type of prefab unit that goes into a building. check out [URL=http://www.eggrock.com.]http://www.eggrock.com.[/URL] We are putting prefab bathrooms into hotels and IBC requires 1/2 hour dwelling unit separations in sprinkled buildings for type VB construction. So, the floor of the prefab bath must match the fire design of the flooring system because it has to be depressed to meet the ADA and local accessibility codes. If I depress the prefab floor into the fire rated floor design, I need to knwo what materials I can use in the prefab floor. That is my delema. No 1/2 hour fire tests so I can''t determine waht we can use for flooring systems.


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  packsaddle

Posts: 0

5/17/2005 2:51:00 PM


how about 5/8" type c on the ceiling below combined with 3 1/2" of fiberglass insulation between floors?


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  Builder bob

Posts: 0

5/18/2005 11:32:00 AM

Calculated fire resistance -
IBC Section 721 ....specifically IBC Table 721.2.1.4(2)....1/2" sheetrock = 15 minutes,This does not however, relieve the requirements for opening protectives and membrane penetrations .

Can we build to minimum standards?


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  bfmdvdn

Posts: 0

5/18/2005 2:58:00 PM

I do it the way that BuilderBob suggests by using Section 721.6 (IBC 2003).


Re: 1/2 hour fire rating? By  cda

Posts: 0

5/27/2005 6:31:00 AM

just had a class on 2003 IBC and the instructor refered as stated above to 2003 IBC 721.6 and Table 721.6.2(1). , but also referenced

703.3 which gives you 5 ways for alternative methods and depending on you area refered to item #4 and the table together in that some ahj''s may accept the table without an engineers stamp.


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