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Header Spans, Table R502.5.1 , IBC
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Header Spans, Table R502.5.1 , IBC By  mtlogcabin

Posts: 246

5/16/2012 2:23:26 PM

 Posted by Stan Morris

Need some help with the Header span table!!!

No snow load in my area.

20'x20' attached garage with 16' garage door opening.

The proposed header for the garage door opening is 4X12, DF#2.

Per the table, what is the max span for a 4X12, DF#2?



A 4X12 is not within the persricptive numbers of the code

A 16 ft span is not within the tables either


 Is it supporting the trusses or is it on a gable end
How much overhang and what is the pitch of the roof, live loads (wind) and dead loads of your area

ICC does not stand for Intentionally Clear and Concise

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Header Spans, Table R502.5.1 , IBC By  Dennis Keierleber

Posts: 366

5/17/2012 4:21:06 PM

I'm thinking your LL is 20 psf construction live load but I don't think your DL is 113 psf and you haven't really answered Mnt's questions about what framing (what tributary area) loads the header in question.

But, unless you are a plan reviewer trying to check a submittal, this may not be the appropriate place. If you are out of the presciptive portion of the code, then you or someone needs to design the framing using accepted engineering practices. In my opinion, someone answering code questions on one of these forums isn't really that person.

DK Engineering PLLC

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