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Separation between buildings
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Separation between buildings By  Chad Russell

Posts: 18

1/8/2013 4:31:20 PM

I have no clue what I'm doing.  I have been thrust into this responsibility and take it very seriously, but I'm really flying by the seat of my pants.  Please help!


We are using IBC, IRC, IFC 2009.  Where do I find how far apart buildings must be built on the same lot?



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Separation between buildings By  Dennis Keierleber

Posts: 366

1/8/2013 6:28:40 PM

In the IBC it depends on the fire-resistance rating of the exterior wall. There are two options, establish an imaginary lot line between the two and apply the fire separation distances (FSD) (see definitions) from the imaginary line to the building exterior walls. Then apply Table 602 to see the requirements of the exterior wall dependent on FSD and occupancy. Zero lot line buildings are allowed with a fire wall (see 706). Or, treat buildings on the same lot as one building for allowable area---no separation required (see 503.1.2).

In the IRC, see R301 and Table R302.1(1). Again, establish an imaginary lot line and look at FSD. There is an exception that allows no separation between dwellings and their accessory buildings but, if the accessory building is a garage, the required protection (R302.6) would be required if the garage is within 3-ft.

Make sense?

I'm using #'s from the 2012 Edition today because it's Tuesday.

DK Engineering PLLC

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Separation between buildings By  Chad Russell

Posts: 18

1/9/2013 12:51:10 PM

Thanks so much for your reply.


On first glance, I have no idea what you're talking about. LOL.  I will dig in to the books and check out the sections you referenced.  I have no problem doing the work, I just don't have a clue on the lingo and can't figure out how to find stuff yet.


Thanks again! Your prompt help is much appreciated!


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Separation between buildings By  Chad Bayles

Posts: 1

1/24/2013 4:28:14 PM

What is location zoned Commercial, Residential, Industrial? Check your zoning ordinances, may have distances between structures as well as set backs from lot lines. The International Zoning Code section 803.2 requires 10' distance between an accessory building and a main structure. Generally accessory buildings 5' from lot lines which may impact seperation from other building. Also generally can not have two (habitable) main structures on same lot.

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Separation between buildings By  Chad Russell

Posts: 18

1/24/2013 5:22:04 PM

Thanks Chad.


The issue has actually come up in two instances so far.  One is residential, the other commercial.


Thanks for the 803.2 reference.



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