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Maximum 2x4 wood stud wall height
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Re: Maximum 2x4 wood stud wall height By  Pablito Gener

Posts: 0

4/6/2000 4:56:00 PM

No, if you can drop down the ceiling to 10 ft and the stud is supporting ceiling and roof only.


Re: Maximum 2x4 wood stud wall height By  Benjamin

Posts: 0

4/6/2000 10:43:00 PM

Typically wall studs resist live load, dead load and not to forget wind load. The taller your wall the more important it will be for your studs to have a deeper section at the major axis. If you are dealing with a structure that you need to heat you may want to use 2x6 wall studs anyway due to the extra room for insulation. If you are in a high wind zone, the exposure could possibly govern the necessary size of your studs over any vertical (gravity) load concerns. It may seem like a relatively simple item to consult a qualified designer about, but a good structure is typically many simple things designed right.


Re: Maximum 2x4 wood stud wall height By  DanR

Posts: 0

4/7/2000 11:43:00 AM

It depends on the type of wood that you are using and the wind speed in the area where the structure is located. I would recommend consulting a structural engineer or at least a very experienced Contractor, who is familiar with the structural sections of the building code.


Re: Maximum 2x4 wood stud wall height By  miket

Posts: 0

4/10/2000 1:27:00 PM

usually i like to find ways not to use a structural engineer due to cost, however in this case i must agree with danr. the code is the same in allowable laterally unsupported stud height for 2x6 as it is for 2x4, 10''. so just changing to 2x6 will not put you in compliance with perscriptive path approach in the code. should consult an engineer who can justify by analysis. sorry! good luck


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