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Minimum distance between hood and cooktop
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Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  JH

Posts: 0

7/5/2000 11:19:00 AM

''98 UMC 906.1 requires a minimum 30 inches to combustible materials. Hoods should be installed to manufactor''s spec''s


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  Joe

Posts: 0

7/5/2000 11:25:00 AM

906.1 Vertical Clearance above Cooking Top. Domestic free-standing or built-in ranges shall have a vertical clearance above
the cooking top of not less than 30 inches (762 mm) to unprotected combustible material. When the underside of such combustible material is protected with insulating millboard at least 1/4 inch
(6 mm) thick covered with 0.021-inch-thick (0.41mm) (No. 28 U.S. gage) or a metal ventilating hood, the distance shall not be less than 24 inches (610 mm).


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  wendy

Posts: 0

7/5/2000 12:42:00 PM

okay, let me make sure I understand this, if I have a metal hood, the minimum is 24", if I had something other than metal, I would need 30" of space?


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  Pablito Gener

Posts: 0

7/5/2000 4:48:00 PM

If the manufacturer''s recomendation is 30 inches, that is the specific requirement.


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  david cogley

Posts: 0

7/6/2000 4:59:00 PM

An inspector will generally go by the manufacturer''s recomendations. If you are asking so it will be installed in a manner that will pass inspection I recomend the 30". If you install it any other way, even if it is to code, you risk losing whatever warranty comes with it. Good Luck!


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  STM

Posts: 0

7/6/2000 5:39:00 PM

Whoa, y''all. the ladys Q was distance between cooktop and range hood, not between cooktop and combustible something above it.

To clarify:
The 30" minimum would be between the top of the cooktop and the underside of cabinets (or the like) which would be ABOVE her range hood.

If the hood were 9" tall, then the distance between her cooktop and range hood would be 21" . . . putting it 36" (range height) + 21" = 4''-9" above the floor. A good head-banging height.

Since I am 6 feet tall, I like range hoods pretty close to 36" above the cooktop. This is higher than most manufacturers recommend for functional purposes . . . so I just buy the hood with the higher cfm and it all kinda works out.


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  tenpin

Posts: 0

7/6/2000 7:23:00 PM

Joe was correct with a clear code reply; the distance to the combustible material is 30" unless you install a minimum 1/4" millboard between the hood and the combustible material, in which case you can reduce to 24". If anyone out there disagrees with this based on the reading of the code (which seems pretty clear to me), please advise and try to avoid the cheap shots as they really don''t serve any useful purpose.


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  wendy

Posts: 0

7/7/2000 5:42:00 AM

yes, stm is right, i am looking for Minimum distance between cooktop and RANGEHOOD. I knew that 24" was the minimum for normal style electric cooktops. I thought there may be a different code for gas cooktops, especially high btu output pro style gas cooktops, as they generate more heat than your basic ceran cooktop. Most manufacturer''s of these pro style cooking appliances are recommending 30", but I think that may be due to the fact that pro style hoods are generally at least 24" deep and installing them at 24" above cooktop puts them right in head banging territory or so the controls don''t melt. What I want to know (regardless of the manutacturer''s suggestions) is there a CODE that says with a gas cooktop, or a pro style gas cooktop, the CODE changes from 24" to 30".

Thanks to everyone for their most helpful replies


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  Sharon

Posts: 0

7/7/2000 7:38:00 AM


The minimum distance between the cooktop and a metal ventilating hood is 24" (97 UMC Sec. 906.1), unless the manufacturer of the appliance in question specifies a greater distance. Keep in mind the option of the 1/4" millboard requires a minimum 28 gage metal covering.


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  Jerry McCarthy

Posts: 0

7/7/2000 12:35:00 PM

I have watched this thread and everybody agrees on the code section, 24" to metal hood & 30" to unprotected. However, I rarely saw this code followed out in the field and now with the new combination hood/microwave installations nobody is providing adequate clearance.
An old inspector once told me, "if you can''t get your head between a soup kettle siting on a burner (gas or electric) and the hood fan, it''s to low!" I think he had it right.


Re: Minimum distance between hood and cooktop By  Jay Peters

Posts: 0

7/10/2000 8:40:00 PM

I''ll bet you thought you were going to get a quick easy answer. Congratulations, you started a great conversation and brought out some of the experts.

I have read all of the replies and don''t think there is much to add but just hope to summarize for the final answer;

The code does state that 30" is the minimum clearance from cook top to combustibles but a hood is not combustible. If you have combustible cabinets above the range then you need 30" but can reduce the clearance to 24" by adding the 1/4" millboard (without the metal because the hood takes the place of the metal). The manufacturer suggests 30" for a reason, most likely wiring or other component problems that may occur in the hood. If it could be reduced, he would tell you so that his hood could be used in more applications therefore selling more of them.

I would suggest heeding his advice but the final word is that of your local inspector and as you can see, there are a lot of varying interpretations and it is not always black and white.

Good Luck,



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