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Forums» Electrical Codes» Hazardous location

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Hazardous location
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Re: Hazardous location By  cda

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10/21/2001 12:26:00 PM

how about H-1 and are there any exceptions that will preclude the need for any special wiring such as distance or ventalation??? Also if you can not build it under present code how are they being allowed to remodel/ expand???

Looked at the book again and yes it is a H-3.

[This message has been edited by cda (edited 10-22-2001).]


Re: Hazardous location By  Carl

Posts: 0

10/22/2001 9:26:00 AM

H-3 is correct as ;long as the fireworks meet the "class 1.4G" definition. Table 3-G would require "detached storage" if it were a new builidng.
But what you have is not a change of use or occupancy, so you are limited. kind of a tough spot..
Have you checked the history and verified that it was legal as constructed and used?
Rick Thornberry of the Code Consortium is a great guy and very knowledgable in this area. try him at "THECODEINC@AOL.Com" I have found him honest and understanding of the fireworks issues.
Good Luck!!


Re: Hazardous location By  InspMO

Posts: 0

10/22/2001 3:41:00 PM

To answer some of your questions;
1)It is in a very rural area (I do contract Inspections and review for) and is the biggest sale tax place in town.
2)It has been let to exist for more then 15 years.
3)The Town''s leaders have no problems making them get it correct as possible, without closing their doors.
I am stuck with it. I just was wanting to make sure I was reading the NEC correctly on hazardous location.


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