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Forums» Electrical Codes» non-metallic sheath cable: type nm, nmc, nms

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non-metallic sheath cable: type nm, nmc, nms
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non-metallic sheath cable: type nm, nmc, nms By  Van Dryden

Posts: 3

4/20/2012 12:44:19 AM

Our AHJ has probhibited the use of 14awg NM,NMC,NMS for at least a couple of decades. The ordinance prohibiting this wiring method is now on the chopping block. The pros and cons are being weighed in detail. My question is:

can anyone share as to their state, county, city, if 14awg NM,NMC,NMS is an accepted wiring method for residential/commercial?

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non-metallic sheath cable: type nm, nmc, nms By  Ronald Carroll

Posts: 50

4/20/2012 9:47:33 AM

Permitted in Colorado per NEC 334.10

Not permitted per 334.12



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non-metallic sheath cable: type nm, nmc, nms By  Bryan Holland

Posts: 79

4/20/2012 1:27:39 PM

Florida has not allowed local amendments to the NEC since 2001.  Since then, the NEC has been adopted by the state Florida with very modifcations & local amendments still on the books.  I am not aware of a single jurisdiction of the 467 that prohibits the use of #14 NM when used in accordance with Article 310 / 334 of the NEC.

I cannot think of a single reason to not allow #14 AWG conductors to be used.  As long as proper overcurrent protection is provided for, what is the potential hazard with #14 AWG conductor usage???

Bryan P. Holland, MCP

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