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Important Voter Validation Deadline, September 19

If you are part of an organization that has ICC membership, you may be able to vote on upcoming Group B code cycle (International Fire Code and International Wildland Urban Interface Code) proposals.

In order to vote, you must be validated not later that September 19, 2016.

Learn more about voter validation here.

Fire Service Membership Council Governing Committee Teleconference Thursday, September 15

Please join us Thursday, September 15 at 1:30 p.m. EDT for the bi-monthly Fire Service Membership Council Governing Committee teleconference.

The call-in number is 1.800.919.8278 and the PIN is 8432131 #.  Please mute your phone until you are ready to speak.

The meeting agenda can be found on the Fire Service Membership Council documents page.

EPA Research Shows Moderate or Severe Corrosion in Majority of Diesel Fuel Underground Storage Tank Systems Studied

In a report on corrosion inside diesel fuel underground storage tanks (USTs), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found moderate or severe corrosion that could affect metal components inside both steel and fiberglass underground tank systems. Corrosion inside USTs can cause equipment failure by preventing proper operation of release detection and prevention equipment.  If left unchecked, corrosion could cause UST system failures and releases, which could lead to groundwater contamination.

Underground tank releases have historically been a leading cause of groundwater contamination. Groundwater is a source of drinking water for almost half of the people in the U.S.

EPA’s report shows that 35 of 42 – or 83 percent – of the USTs studied exhibited moderate or severe corrosion, but less than 25 percent of owners were aware of corrosion prior to the internal inspection.

Although EPA cannot project the actual percentage of USTs storing diesel that are affected by corrosion nationwide, the Agency is alerting owners of USTs storing diesel fuel about risks from corrosion.  EPA’s notification recommends owners check inside their tank systems and further investigate the condition of their diesel fuel tanks. Owners’ awareness and early actions could help protect them from higher repair costs and help protect the environment from contamination from releases. EPA’s UST website provides information on actions tank owners can take to minimize corrosion and associated risks.

As part of EPA’s ongoing collaboration with the UST community, the Agency responded to concerns about reports of severe corrosion in USTs storing diesel fuel by working with industry and scientific experts to develop this research. The results are leading to a fuller understanding of the issue and possible causes, as well as laying the groundwork for future research efforts for identifying a solution.

Scientific evidence has not identified a specific cause of corrosion in diesel tanks, although microbiologically-influenced corrosion is suspected to be involved.  EPA is continuing to work collaboratively with partners in the UST community, industry, and scientific experts on additional laboratory research about the cause of corrosion.

More information on underground storage tanks (USTs) and today’s report:

More information on corrosion in USTs storing diesel fuel here.

2016 Kansas City Habitat Build Day

Members of the Women in Code Enforcement and Development (WICED) will participate in the Habitat build day on Saturday, October 15, 2016 in Kansas City. The workday will be from 8 am - 3:30 pm, not including travel time to and from hotel. (Transportation will be provided, leaving from conference hotels.) Participants are required to sign a release form during sign-up. Work clothes and sturdy-soled shoes such as work boots or tennis shoes will be needed. Sandals or thin-soled tennis shoes will not be allowed on the job site. Participants will also need to provide their own work gloves.

For additional information about volunteering for the Habitat Build Day, please contact: Eirene Knott at

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The next generation of building and fire safety codes will be decided through online voting. The International Code Council’s new cdpACCESS empowers you to vote on these 2018 Group A Codes, even if you can't attend the code hearings.

But first, you must be an ICC Voting Member before March 20th to vote online. Registration for 2015 starts January 1.

     Is your department is an ICC Governmental Member and signed up to vote online?

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For more information, you may contact your state’s ICC Government Relations Representative.

You may also email Governing Committee Members of the ICC Fire Service Membership Council, listed below.

Governing Committee of the ICC Fire Service Membership Council

Scott Adams, Chair, Park City Fire Service District, UT
Gary West, Vice Chair, National Association of State Fire Marshals, TN

Robert Barnet, International Association of Fire Fighters (Southwest Division), LA
Fulton Cochran, Clark County Building and Fire Prevention Department, NV
Sean DeCrane, International Association of Fire Fighters, OH
Timothy Diehl, City of Rockville, MD
Jackie Gibbs, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Southeastern Division), GA
Rick McCullough, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Canadian Division), Canada
George Michehl, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Great Lakes Division), IL
Richard Miller, National Association of State Fire Marshals, MI
Ernie Misewicz, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Western Division), AK
Kelly Nicolello, National Association of State Fire Marshals, AK
Marc Sampson, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Missouri Valley Division), CO
Michael Sinsigalli, International Associateion of Fire Chiefs (New England Division), CT
Jim Yates, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Eastern Division), NJ
Adolf Zubia, Clark County Building and Fire Prevention Department, NV

Staff Liaison
Robert Neale, Vice President of National Fire Service Activities, Government Relations

Board Liaison
Jim Brown, ICC Board of Directors

Questions on the Council? Contact Karla Higgs.