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Fire Service Membership Council Seeks Your Ideas

The International Code Council Fire Service Membership Council is looking for news, ideas and innovations to keep this web page current.

Do you have an interesting fire safety policy issue or code challenge you’d like to share?  Have you had substantial successes with your fire code enforcement or public education programs? Is your agency trying something innovative that you’d like to share?

Send your ideas content to to have them posted here.

Free Vision 20/20 Community Risk Reduction Resource Guide

Vision 20/20 has developed resources to help you with your Community Risk Reduction planning. CRR is a process to identify and prioritize local risks, followed by the integrated and strategic investment of resources (emergency response and prevention) to reduce their occurrence and impact. Typically, Community Risk Reduction programs use a six-step approach towards development.

An online Community Risk Assessment Guide (also available as a  PDF) to help fire departments and other organizations to conduct a basic or more complex assessment of risks within their community. Ultimately, the results of the risk assessment can be used to develop a CRR plan. These are the first two steps of the six-step process

The Community Risk Reduction Planning Guide takes you through the remaining four steps of the CRR planning process.

Grow the FSMC

The Fire Service Membership Council is your portal to influence International Code Council policies.

According to its charter, the “purpose of the Council shall be to advocate for concerns and issues that are of particular interest to the fire service, to assist ICC in increasing participation of such individuals in the ICC Code development process, and to advise ICC on programs and policies, legislative matters, code adoption issues and such other matters as the Council deems appropriate.”

Currently, the Fire Service Membership Council has 412 members.  Council membership is open to any individual who wishes to affiliate with the Fire Service Membership Council and is a member of the International Code Council (ICC), an ICC Governmental Member Voting Representative, or employed by a jurisdiction or corporate member of ICC or a member in good standing of a closely aligned organization as approved by the ICC Board of Directors.  All you have to do to join is click the link below.

IFE-USA Branch Vision 20/20 awarded FEMA grant focusing on smoke alarms and Community Risk Reduction

The Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch’s Vision 20/20 project was awarded a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant focusing on gaining a better understanding on the use of smoke alarms in the home, increasing their use and expanding the integration of Community Risk Reduction (CRR) in communities across the country.

Through this grant, Vision 20/20 will continue to promote an integrated approach to CRR into fire department operations by updating it’s Fire Fighter Recruit Training CRR curriculum, its Model Evaluation Measures Training and develop an Expert Network Academy to support CRR efforts. A national summit of CRR leaders will be convened and Vision 20/20 will expand its ongoing partnership with seven high-risk states (Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia) to help institutionalize CRR and reduce the impact of fire.  In partnership with the Motorola Solutions Foundation, Vision 20/20 will deliver a series of CRR training in eight locations across the nation, expanding its cadre of CRR instructors.

“An integrated approach to community risk reduction is a proven strategy that combines all the tools we have to improve public safety and create an outcome based orientation for the fire service.  It makes communities measurably safer from not only fire, but many other risks,” said Vision 20/20 Project Manager Jim Crawford. “By making it a part of the fire service culture, we can see measurable results, now and for the future.”

Vision 20/20 will also expand the offerings of its groundbreaking Fire Safety Materials Generator with materials and messages for use in rental properties. The Fire Safety Materials Generator is a free online tool where fire departments can create customized materials, such as door hangers or flyers, using tested fire safety messaging.

In partnership with Johns Hopkins University Center for Injury Prevention and Policy, this grant will provide additional information on the performance of smoke alarms in the field, aiding collective efforts to assure that more homes have an adequate number of working smoke alarms.

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But first, you must be an ICC Voting Member before March 20th to vote online. Registration for 2015 starts January 1.

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You may also email Governing Committee Members of the ICC Fire Service Membership Council, listed below.

Governing Committee of the ICC Fire Service Membership Council

Scott Adams, Chair, Park City Fire Service District, UT
Gary West, Vice Chair, National Association of State Fire Marshals, TN

Robert Barnet, International Association of Fire Fighters (Southwest Division), LA
Fulton Cochran, Clark County Building and Fire Prevention Department, NV
Sean DeCrane, International Association of Fire Fighters, OH
Timothy Diehl, City of Rockville, MD
Jackie Gibbs, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Southeastern Division), GA
Rick McCullough, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Canadian Division), Canada
George Michehl, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Great Lakes Division), IL
Richard Miller, National Association of State Fire Marshals, MI
Ernie Misewicz, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Western Division), AK
Kelly Nicolello, National Association of State Fire Marshals, AK
Marc Sampson, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Missouri Valley Division), CO
Michael Sinsigalli, International Associateion of Fire Chiefs (New England Division), CT
Jim Yates, International Association of Fire Chiefs (Eastern Division), NJ
Adolf Zubia, Clark County Building and Fire Prevention Department, NV

Staff Liaison
Robert Neale, Vice President of National Fire Service Activities, Government Relations

Board Liaison
Jim Brown, ICC Board of Directors

Questions on the Council? Contact Karla Higgs.