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ICC Disaster Response Network 

As you know, in the wake of a natural disaster the definition of normal goes out the window. Once a disaster hits, there are many emergency procedures that must be put in place. It's only after these immediate needs have been taken care of that the focus on recovery and rebuilding can really begin.

To assist you in your disaster recovery efforts, the International Code Council has provided building safety professionals an opportunity to volunteer to help affected jurisdictions with building damage assessment, building inspections and other code-related functions in your community. These individuals have volunteered via the ICC Web site. ICC will provide a list of these volunteers upon request from an affected jurisdiction or its agencies or departments. It will then be up to the recipient of the list to decide which, if any, volunteers to contact.

These volunteers do not represent ICC, and ICC does not represent any jurisdiction or entity that is requesting assistance. ICC does not investigate or assess the qualification, skills, capabilities or background of volunteers, and has no control over the volunteer's information once it has been provided to state and local governments. In addition, all matters relating to a volunteer's service—including the nature of the help needed, the time frame, expenses, housing, meals, insurance, salary reimbursement, and liability for injuries or damage to or by the volunteer—must be arranged between the volunteer and the jurisdiction requesting help. You can request a list of volunteers who can help you with your post-disaster inspection efforts.

For information, please call 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233), ext. 5238.

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