Call for Committee: 2024-2026 Cycle Committees
Participating in these committees will help shape the development of the I-Codes to ensure safe, affordable and sustainable communities and buildings worldwide.

The Code Council is currently seeking volunteers for 2024-2026 Cycle Committees to help support the development of the 2027 International Codes (I-Codes). The 2024-2026 Code Development Schedule is available here….

Advancements in Hydrogen Use as a Carbon-Free Fuel
More countries around the world are replacing natural gas used for heating, fueling vehicles, generating electricity and other industry operations with hydrogen.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gases from human activities have been the significant driver of observed climate change since the mid-20th century. Over the years, researchers and…

How Marty Maslen’s Passion for Codes and Off-Site Construction Shaped Her Career, Brought Her Back From Retirement
Maslen, a Colorado code official with extensive experience in off-site construction, is well-versed in its many benefits when compared to traditional stick-built methods for both commercial and residential properties.

Off-site construction has been growing for years, but recent events – including supply chain challenges and an ongoing labor shortage – have increased interest from builders and manufacturers. The National…