By Catherine Vinson, Test Administration Manager

5 Learning Essentials from our Master Code Professionals to You

We’re proud to celebrate our #lovetolearn campaign this month by talking to some of our amazing MCPs. We sat down with David Naples and Clem Malot to get their expertise and advice for anyone looking towards a road of new (or additional) certifications.

  1. Certifications Matter – Don’t see your certification as just another to do list item. It can help you further your career. As Clem told us, “When I’m looking at someone’s credentials ICC certifications are one of the things at the top of my list.”
  2. Go with What You Know - One of the most common things we heard from our MCPs is that it’s best to start your certification journey with something you know and know well. You can build on top of that as you grow in your career.
  3. Open Book Doesn’t Mean ONLY Book – Your experience in your field is a powerful tool to help prepare. Don’t feel like you are “starting over” when studying. Use studying to refresh and refine what you do every day.
  4. Plan Ahead – Don’t think just because you can bring a book doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study. Preparing for the test ahead of time is essential. Many of our MCPs talked about how they used ICC learning courses as a way to study. Check out our Learning Center page for courses.
  5. Learning is Lifelong – No matter how much you have learned, you should never stop growing. Between continuing education and expanding your horizons, it’s important to approach your field with a sense that there’s always more to learn. David told us even as an MCP he still has more to learn. “You should set your MCP as a goal, but you should remember it as a milestone.”

SO there you have it! Five tips from some of most experienced MCPs to help you as you prepare for upcoming certifications or inspire you to look for new areas. Share your #lovetolearn advice on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.