Mentoring the Next Generation of Building Professionals

Building Safety Month: Week 1
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WEEK ONE // May 1–7, 2017

Meeting the Need for Trained Building Professionals

The construction industry is experiencing a mass retirement of skilled professionals; one study indicates that over the next 15 years the industry will experience a loss of 80 percent of the existing skilled workforce. Employers are seeking qualified building trade professionals to fill the positions of retiring employees and will be vying to hire the best of the best to reinforce their decreasing workforce. Trained professionals are needed in the building industry to prevent a major job shortage in the workforce.

In addition to learning about construction, engineering and architecture, the future workforce needs to become knowledgeable about the building codes to ensure the very best, resilient buildings. ICC and industry partners are providing training and mentoring about the latest design, technology and innovations in the codes through high schools, colleges and career training programs.

High School Technical Training Program (HSTTP)

ICC has created the High School Technical Training Program (HSTTP) to provide schools with a framework to help students understand how codes and regulations are used in the design and construction of residential, commercial, federal and military facilities. Schools participating in the HSTTP provide students with up-to-date code knowledge and technical code training that fits hand in hand with practical training leading to a skilled workforce.

Become a Disaster Smart Leader

The Disaster Smart program promotes understanding of resilience policy fundamentals that include building codes, beyond-code mitigation, incentive-aligned relief programs, public-private initiatives, and smart disaster finance. These provide a path to increased public safety, more disaster-resistant structures, and preservation of a community’s workforce in a post-disaster climate.


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