Building Safety Month success depends on you. Consider these tips to create a successful event in your community today:

Start by recruiting a team who will commit to participate in all activities including conducting speaking engagements. Your team may include co-workers, building and fire code officials, inspectors, fire department staff, emergency managers, architects, insurance professionals or even your neighbors. Gather your team and decide what you want to do for your event.

  • Contact local retail stores to set up an in-store event to promote awareness of Building Safety Month.
  • Contact teachers at your local schools and ask if you can come to the school for a presentation on building safety. Bring along copies of the CODiE™ and CODEtte™ Activity Book pages to help the kids understand the role the building department plays to make the places where we live, work and play safe for everyone. CODiE and CODEtte Stickers, Building Safety Month pencils and Children’s Hard Hats can be purchased through the ICC Store.

Download the Steps to Success guide to get more information and ideas on promoting Building Safety Month in your community, and don’t forget to visit the Building Safety Month Facebook page and Twitter feed for additional ideas and success stories.

Need supplies for your event? You can either download the Campaign Toolkit or purchase printed campaign materials from the ICC Store.