Working Together to Achieve Public Safety

As a leader within your jurisdiction’s Building Department or Fire Prevention Department, you are invited to apply now to participate in a select, invitation-only training at the ICC Annual Conference Meeting in October.

The Working Together to Achieve Public Safety leadership training will provide you with tools and strategies to reduce costs and improve communication in order to better serve the public. In addition to worksheets and other resources, a free pre-work assessment activity that will show how your personality type plays an integral role in how you communicate and resolve differences will be provided.

After completing this one-day training, you will be better able to:

  • Determine the participant’s personality type in order to identify personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop strategies for working with other personality types so that the department or departments can run more smoothly and cost effectively.
  • Develop strategies for managing conflict and power struggles.
  • Identify typical technical issues shared between building and fire.
  • Describe the points of view that each side presents.
  • Describe techniques for defining roles and responsibilities for tasks that are common to both you and your counterpart.
  • Use appropriate techniques when communicating with your counterpart.
  • Identify “old baggage” between the Fire Marshal and the Building Official.
  • Determine strategies for moving past the “old baggage”.
  • Identify political pressures, affecting both you and your counterpart.
  • Describe the impact of the pressure on those involved.
  • Identify ways to resolve political pressure.
  • Describe major cultural differences between building departments and the fire service.
  • Identify ways to work effectively within these cultural differences.
  • Create a plan for continued work.
  • Establish a plan for communication between counterparts.

Develop your leadership skills and work more effectively with your peers in related departments at this essential training. Complete the form below to apply.