The Gerald H. Jones Code Official of the Year Award

The Gerald H. Jones Code Official of the Year Award is awarded to an individual whose contributions advance the code enforcement profession and ICC‘s mission. The award is presented in honor of the founders of the three model code organizations: Albert H. Baum, M.L. Clement and Phil Roberts.

The 2017 Code Official of the Year Award was given to Becky Baker, director of building safety for Jefferson County, Colo. An honorary member of the Code Council, Becky has chaired and served on several code development and member committees and has been a governmental member of ICC since 1984.

An honorary member of ICC who has served on the board of one of ICC’s legacy predecessors – The International Conference of Building Officials — Baker is truly the embodiment of the ICC mission. Baker’s dedication and overwhelming positive influence have helped to shape Jefferson County, Colo., as the “gateway to the Rockies.” She possesses the unique combination of character, knowledge and skill necessary to be a great code official.


Previous Gerald Jones Code Official of the Year Award Winners

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The nomination period for the 2018 Gerald H. Jones Code Official of the Year Award has ended.
Stay tuned for announcements about the opening of the 2019 nomination period.