State Adoptions

  • 2012 International Building Code
  • 2012 International Energy Conservation Code
  • 2012 International Existing Building Code
  • 2012 International Fire Code
  • 2012 International Mechanical Code
  • 2012 International Plumbing Code
  • 2012 International Residential Code



Links to State Adoption Agencies

Office of the State Building Inspector 

CT Codes and Standards Committee 

Office of the State Fire Marshal

Current Codes Related to Buildings

State Energy Code Interpretations

State Energy Office

Plumbing:  Examination Board

Key Contacts

State Building Inspector:
Joseph Cassidy
State Building Inspector
Department of Administrative Services
Office of the State Building Inspector
450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 1303
Hartford, CT 06103
Office: (860) 713-5900

State Fire Marshal:
William Abbott
Department of Construction Services
Office of the State Fire Marshal
450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 1304
Phone:  860-713-5750
Website link: