2015 Call for Nominations to the ICC Board of Directors

In accordance with the Bylaws of the International Code Council, elections for officers and vacant positions on the Board of Directors will be held on September 28, 2015, during the Annual Business Meeting. All candidates for the Board of Directors shall submit to the Chair of the Nominating Committee a letter of interest, current resume, a letter of support from their jurisdiction and any other information necessary to support their candidacy. Candidates will be interviewed individually by the Nominating Committee at a time and place to be announced. To assure consideration by the Nominating Committee, materials required by Section 3.0 of Council Policy 20 must be received by July 28, 2015.

ICC Board Of Directors Terms — 2015

Position Term Expires Eligible for New Term
Guy Tomberlin, President 2015 Yes1
Alex “Cash” Olszowy III, Vice President 2015 Yes3
M. Dwayne Garriss, Secretary/Treasurer 2015 Yes3
Stephen D. Jones, Immediate Past President 2015 No
William R. Bryant, Director at Large 2015 Yes2, 3
Ron Hoover, Sectional Director for Section B 2015 No3
Tina Rakes, Sectional Director for Section D 2015 No3
Greg Wheeler, Director at Large 2015 Yes2, 3
Alan Boswell, Sectional Director for Section F 2016 Yes2, 3
Jim H. Brown, Director at Large 2016 Yes2, 3
Robert Drexler, Director at Large 2016 Yes2, 3
Gilbert Gonzales, Sectional Director for Section C 2016 Yes2, 3
Lynn Underwood, Director at Large 2016 Yes2, 3
William Jeff Bechtold, Director at Large 2017 Yes2, 3
Jay Elbettar, Sectional Director for Section A 2017 No3
M. Donny Phipps, Director at Large 2017 Yes2, 3
James E. Morganson, Director at Large 2017 Yes2, 3
Richard C. Truitt Sr., Sectional Director for Section E 2017 No3

1. In accordance with ss 5.1, the President shall automatically succeed to the Immediate Past President.
2. In accordance with ss 5.1, Directors may serve not more than two consecutive three-year terms. However, nothing in this section shall preclude a Director initially appointed to a one- or two-year term, or appointed or elected to fill an unexpired term, from being elected to two subsequent full terms.
3. Member eligible to serve in Officer position.

Letters of interest and other information should be sent to:

ICC 2015 Nominating Committee Chair Stephen Jones
c/o Dominic Sims, CEO
International Code Council
Eastern Regional Office
900 Montclair Road
Birmingham, AL 35213