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The archives below contain all news releases older than six months. Please contact us for news releases published more than 2 years ago.

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Link Published Date
New Publication Combines Model Building Code with Statewide Amendments for Washington 02/13/2017
New Florida Building Codes Take Effect June 30 04/06/2015
ICC, CALBO Identify Significant Changes to California Codes 10/17/2013
ICC, SEAOC Release Structural/Seismic Design Manuals 09/11/2013
ICC, NCSEA Guide Details Design for Serviceability Required by Code 09/04/2013
ICC Illustrated IBC Handbook Helps Professionals Better Understand Code Application, Compliance 08/20/2013
ICC Teams with SFPE on Guide for Fire Safety in Very Tall Buildings 07/24/2013
ICC Expands Online Offerings with ASTM Standards 04/11/2013
ICC Expands Online Download Offerings with CSA Group Standards 03/04/2013
Code Development Process for the Future Prepares for Debut 02/28/2013
ICC Teams with NCSEA and SEI on New Guide for Structural Loads 02/12/2013
ANSI Approves Next Generation of the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard 01/14/2013
Interactive DVD Equips Designers, Code Officials, Contractors for Residential Design and Construction 11/28/2012
Updated Masonry Handbook Includes Requirements, Specifications to 2012 IBC, TMS 402/TMS 602-11 11/06/2012
ICC, APA Team to Publish IRC Lateral Bracing Guide 10/29/2012
ICC Offers New Roofing Guidelines for Energy Code 10/10/2012
Code Council Provides Access to New Guidebook that Makes Permit Review, Installation of Solar PV Systems in California Easier 09/19/2012
Code Council App Provides Critical Means of Egress Details 09/10/2012
New Guideline Now Available to Help Verify the Performance of Green Buildings 08/09/2012
International Code Council, Delmar Announce Series of Books to Help Learn the 2012 International Codes 08/06/2012
Leading Fire Prevention Organizations Publish New Book on Comprehensive Treatment of Smoke Control 06/21/2012
iTunes Store Now Features International Codes eBooks 05/22/2012
New Pool and Spa Safety Code Now Available 04/05/2012
ICC Announces Availability of New Green Code 03/27/2012
ASHRAE Standards Now Available as Online Download Offerings from ICC 03/01/2012
First Guide to New Green Construction Code Provides Insight to Design, Construction, Inspection 01/23/2012
ICC Expands Online Download Offerings with American Wood Council Standards 01/20/2012
Type Link Published Date
2010 Florida Building Codes Update ADA Requirements, Energy Provisions, Wind Design 11/16/2011
2012 North Carolina State Building Codes Now Available 10/11/2011
Code Council and ASHRAE Partner on Energy-Saving Publication 10/11/2011
ICC Commissioning Guideline Available for Public Comment Submissions 09/27/2011
Popular Guides, Seminars Highlight Significant Changes in 2012 I-Codes 07/12/2011
ICC Guideline for Building Commissioning Will Ensure Design, Performance Reduce Emissions 05/10/2011
New ICC Pool and Spa Code Public Version 1.0 Released 02/09/2011
Code Council Guideline for Replicable Buildings Reduces Costs, Speeds Approval Process, Maintains Safety 01/27/2011
Code Council Updates ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standard, Offers New Resources to Identify Changes 01/19/2011
New Engineering Book Tackles Masonry Structural Design 03/05/2010
Code Council to Develop Swimming Pool Code 07/31/2009
Code Council to Market Popular Titles from McGraw-Hill 07/29/2009
New ASTM-Code Council Book References Standards in 2009 IBC 07/28/2009
New metal building design guide has earth-shaking focus 07/17/2009
Guide puts residential code in your pocket 07/17/2009
Plans Examiners Prevent Disasters 07/17/2009
Guide Highlights International Residential Code Requirements in Construction Sequence 07/17/2009
Internet Site Offers Instant Access to International Codes, Customized Options for Code Users 07/17/2009
Institute strengthens inspectors’ skills to make homes safer from the ground up 07/17/2009
New Mexico Hosts Community-Based Institute to Help Stop Deadly Wildfire 07/17/2009
New standard for building in hurricane, high wind areas 07/17/2009
Be ready to respond when the next disaster strikes 07/17/2009
Freshen up on permit tech skills 07/17/2009
Take a SMARTcodes test drive 07/17/2009
Public Safety Wins with New Storm Shelter, Safe Room Construction Standard 07/17/2009
Montana Selected for Community-Based Institute to Help Stop Deadly Wildfire 07/17/2009
APA, Code Council publish residential lateral bracing guide 07/17/2009
New guides offer quick reference to Florida Code changes 07/17/2009
New Saudi Arabian building code to be based on I-Codes 07/17/2009
2006 International Building Code meets FHA accessibility requirements 07/17/2009
Code Council helping California transition to new building codes 07/17/2009
Bleacher standard offers added measure of safety during spectator events 07/17/2009
Popular Guides, Seminars Focus on Significant Changes to 2009 I-Codes 07/17/2009
2008 NYC Construction Codes Required July 1 07/17/2009
Code Council, ASHRAE Guidelines Aid Energy-Efficient Construction, Help Governments Secure Federal Funds 07/17/2009
ICC offers complimentary training materials 07/17/2009
Oregon Tapped for Institute to Help Stop Deadly Wildfire 07/17/2009
New guide bridges smoke management and the IBC 07/17/2009
Code Council Presents Free 2009 I-Code Overview Webinars 07/17/2009
Hawaii Hosts I-Code Training 07/17/2009
Tennessee Set for Institute to Help Stop Deadly Wildfire 07/17/2009
Updated masonry book reflects new California codes 07/17/2009
Tallahassee Set for Institute to Help Stop Deadly Wildfire 07/17/2009
2009 International Plumbing Code First to Market 07/17/2009
International Code Council and Cengage Learning Launch Online Resource for Green Building 07/17/2009
Standard for log homes, other log structures approved 07/17/2009
Spokane Tapped for Institute to Help Stop Deadly Wildfire 07/17/2009
New DeWALT Code Series helps plumbers and contractors on the job 07/17/2009
Code Council Releases Added-Value CD with IBC or IRC; Two Seismic Publications 07/17/2009
Enhance building safety in your community by attending a Code Council institute 07/17/2009
New Code Council books focus on accessibility 07/17/2009
Code Council, SFPE collaborate on key strategic initiatives 07/17/2009
Code users benefit from Code Council, Chief Architect partnership 07/17/2009
New energy code expected to be 15% more efficient 07/17/2009
Masonry inspection and testing reference updated 07/17/2009
National Green Building Standard Approved 07/17/2009
International Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas Codes help protect communities every day 07/17/2009
Sprinklers, energy efficiency key changes to 2009 International Residential Code 07/17/2009
Safety guidelines for skyscrapers strengthened in 2009 International Building Code 07/17/2009
AWC/ICC Publish High Wind Guides 07/17/2009
Free worldwide access to risk management tools, international building practices 07/17/2009
New PMG codes tackle clean air, child safety, drinking fountains 07/17/2009
Exit lighting, emergency communication requirements in new International Fire Code 07/17/2009

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