Wildfire Safety

Wildfire Safety

Wildfire Safety

Protect Your Home


The United States is experiencing a significant increase in the number of wildfires. Each year, wildfires take lives and burn numerous structures, resulting in mounting costs that have enormous economic and environmental impacts to the nation’s communities and businesses. Wildfires also have devastating impacts on the environment and damage forests, rangelands, watersheds and wildlife.

However, there are steps you can take to protect lives and property at home and in your community.

Protect your home from wildfire. These simple steps can help you reduce the risk of wildfire to your home.

Protect Your Community

Protect your community from wildfire.  Geared toward pubic safety officials, this page will help you develop a community wildfire protection plan, learn about International Code Council activities and view available resources that may be helpful to you.

Helpful Information

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National Wildland Urban Interface Council

The National Wildland/Urban Interface Council© is committed to new ideas, to opinions, to new organizations and individuals that will find new ways of working together in solving the growing problem of wildland/urban interface fire in America. The goal is focusing on engaging conversations — not so much in debate, but more in effective dialogue. Click here for details.

For more information on wildfire safety, contact Dan Bailey, Director, Wildland Fire Program.