The ICC Community Service Award

The ICC Community Service Award recognizes outstanding service that promotes public health, safety and welfare.

The 2019 recipient is the Puerto Rico Construction Code Committee for its work to update the Puerto Rico Building Code following the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Previous Community Service Award Winners

2018: Community Development Department of Peoria, Illinois, and
North Central Texas Permit Tech Chapter

2017Women in Code Enforcement and Development (WICED)/PermitTechNation (PTN); and the Building Department of the City of San Jose, Calif.

2016: of Newport Beach, Calif., Building Division

2015: Southern Nevada Chapter; Leon Valley (TX) Fire Department

2014: Rebuilding Together Aurora [IL]; Aurora Building & Permits

2013: Butte County (CA) Department of Development Services —

 Building Division; FEMA Building Science Branch

2012: Deborah Vanek

2011: Tony Falcone

2010: City of Ft. Smith, Arkansas Development Services Department

2009: The Building Officials Association of Suffolk County

2008: Sun City, Arizona Fire Prevention Bureau

2007: Scott McDonald; Don Plass

2006: Jill Gray; Washington Association of Building Officials

2005: Quinn Davis

2004: Phillip Randal Whisman

2003: City of Asheville, North Carolina; Ron Hampton; Jerry Mallory

The 2020 Code Council Award nominations period has ended.