ICC Crowd Manager Training Program Updated

The IFC requires a trained Crowd Manager to be present at an event with 1,000 or more people and 1 Crowd Manager per 250 attendees

Crowd manager training, first offered by the International Code Council (ICC), three years ago, makes public gatherings safer by teaching event staff how to respond and act when a disaster occurs. Crowd management safety can come into play at sporting events, concerts, state fairs, nightclubs and similar events. Properly trained crowd managers can assist people to exit safely, reducing injuries and death. Crowd Manager training is required by all national fire codes at public assemblies.

CrowdManagers.Com has released the next generation Crowd Manager Training online. The course has met the growing need for trained personnel to manage emergency situations since 2011 and has served thousands of crowd managers and hundreds of organizations. CrowdManagers.Com is part of the ICC Preferred Provider Program.

The two-hour, online course meets the requirements of the Code Council’s International Fire Code (IFC), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code and the NFPA 1 Fire Code. Most U.S. jurisdictions adopt a model fire code, which requires a trained Crowd Manager to be present at any event where occupancy exceeds a certain threshold. The IFC requires a trained Crowd Manager to be present at an event with 1,000 or more people and one Crowd Manager per 250 attendees.

In addition to updates related to those model codes, the 2015 course is compatible with most modern communications devices including iPads and android tablets. It is the only course endorsed by and the National Association of State Fire Marshals and recognized by the ICC, International Association of Fire Chiefs, the Center for Campus Fire Safety and many state organizations.

Through the use of interactive, scenario-based learning, the course teaches safety procedures such as: how to properly evacuate an event; when to implement a protect-in-place plan; what to look for before an event begins; and managing both indoor and outdoor events. Interactive "quick checks" are sprinkled throughout the course so learners can be confident they understand key concepts. Real-life situations are inserted throughout the course to help apply what is learned.

This Crowd Manager course is filling a training gap for many organizations that might not otherwise be able to mount such training. Organizations can easily enroll small or large groups so training can begin exactly as it’s needed, before a major event or even each year on a scheduled basis.

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