Code Council Blue Ribbon Committee meeting July 9

The International Code Council’s premier codes and standards are developed through a governmental consensus process that is transparent, inclusive and open. As we continue to welcome all interested parties to participate, we are also looking for opportunities to improve the process.

In 2018, the Code Council Board of Directors established the Board Committee on the Long Term Code Development Process to evaluate policy changes to the code development process. Also known as the Blue Ribbon Committee, this group is a formal venue for stakeholders to provide feedback and suggest opportunities for improvement in the long-term code development process.

Key issues that the Blue Ribbon Committee will be investigating include:

  • Cost impact;
  • Eligible voters;
  • Online voting majorities and relationship to the hearing actions;
  • Voting guides; and,
  • Feedback received on proposed process restructuring to include two Committee Action Hearings.

The list of issues noted above is not intended to be all inclusive, it will be an evolving process. The Blue Ribbon Committee is scheduled to meet on Thursday, July 9, 2020. Decisions and recommendations from this committee will be sent to the Code Council Board of Directors for action and implementation.

Click here for the July 9 meeting agenda.

Opportunities for interested parties to participate will be announced following the July 9th meeting. The establishment of Work Groups comprised of committee members and interested parties are anticipated.

Additional information is available at the links below:

For more information, be sure to contact Mike Pfeiffer, PE, SVP, Technical Services at