ICC Educator of the Year Award

The International Code Council is proud of the dedication and commitment of its members from around the world. Given in honor of Brent Snyder, a renowned Code Council educator and Past Presiding Officer, the ICC Educator of the Year Award recognizes excellence in promoting professional development.

The ICC Educator of the Year Award 2023 recipient is Rob Neale, Owner and Principal of Integra Code Consultants.

Previous ICC Educator of the Year Award Recipients

2022: Alan Ellis

2021: Glenn G.A. Mathewson

2020: Charles Clawson

2019: Bob Schutz

2018: Colorado Code Consulting

2017: Bill Bracken

2016: Chief Building Official Steve Burger

2015: Colorado Education Institute

2010: John Gibson

2009: Terrell Stripling

2008: Doug Thornburg

2003: David L. Wismer

See Code Council Awards Program page for nomination information and deadlines.