Promotional Toolkit

The success of Building Safety Month depends on the efforts and involvement of code professionals, teachers and community members like you. From sending a news release to a local media outlet, to hosting a virtual classroom presentation on building safety, here we've gathered all the tips and resources you'll need to promote Building Safety Month in your community and beyond.

Steps to Success

Make it a movement, make some noise and make it fun – every action you take plays a part in spreading the word about building safety. Here we've listed some of our most popular and effective promotion tips. Download our "Campaign Promotion Guide" for more ideas:

  • Get your community leaders on board as supporters and request that your governor, state cabinet officers and/or your county/city councils and mayor issue proclamations declaring May Building Safety Month.
  • Engage spokespersons from your local building or fire department to give talks on building safety throughout the month in schools, civic clubs and more.
  • Use the resources on our Kids Corner page to help kids understand what building safety professionals do and how they make our homes and communities safer for everyone.

Building Safety Month Campaign Promotion Guide
Download pdf

Media Outreach

Local television news networks, radio stations, newspapers and hometown social media accounts are always looking for a story – use the media outreach tips below, and download our "Press Release" and "Letter to the Editor" templates to encourage coverage of your events.

  • Call or text local reporters to cover your scheduled events.
  • Post event details on your social media platforms and websites well in advance and post a reminder the day before.
  • Send a press release encouraging local media to cover your Building Safety Month activities. 
  • Designate someone in your department or find a local dignitary to be your spokesperson for media interviews.

Building Safety Month Press Release Template
Download Word doc

Building Safety Month Letter to Editor Template
Download Word doc

Digital Assets

Below you will find Building Safety Month 2024 digital assets, including the poster, weekly icons, web banners and video call backgrounds.

To view our collection of printable brochures, infographics and one-sheets, click here.

Building Safety Month
Digital Poster

Download jpg

Building Safety Month Weekly Icons
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Building Safety Month
Video Call Backgrounds

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Building Safety Month Web Banners
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