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From the President

Working Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Building safety is about preparing for our future. Since its inception, the International Code Council has been a forward-thinking membership association that addresses public safety for the betterment of all citizens, present and future.

As leaders in building safety, we understand that everything we accomplish today will impact us tomorrow. Embracing new technologies and scientific advancements, we remain at the forefront of the building safety industry.

ICC President William R. Bryant

As society continues to evolve within this digital age, so does the Code Council. With our members and stakeholders as the driving forces of our association, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced digital resources to further engage our members and support their career development. This year we significantly improved our online portals to increase opportunities for member engagement through cdpACCESS, online training and PRONTO certification exams.

Our digital transformation is also helping us welcome a new generation of members. Through our Safety 2.0 initiative, we are helping to build the leaders of the future through education, training and mentoring resources.

With a strong foundation, the Code Council has a bright future. In 2019, I plan to explore new ways to encourage member participation and empowerment. I look forward to working together over the next year.

William R. Bryant

William R. Bryant, MCP, CBO

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