The Code Council remains committed to working with member jurisdictions and industry partners to bring the building products and practices to market, labeling efficient new homes and structures and spreading the word about the need for resilient structures.

ANCR Benchmark Releases

ANCR develops benchmarks to evaluate a community's resiliency; these benchmarks help local leaders assess and improve resilience across all aspects of the community.


Benchmarks Released in 2019

Buildings Benchmark

Housing Benchmark

Community Functions

The Alliance for National & Community Resilience (ANCR) is a Code Council co-founded national coalition of public and private entities working to implement good community practices in towns and cities across the United States and help cities prevent infrastructure failure caused by natural and other disasters.


ANCR is working with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to support the adoption of resilient policies and practices for buildings and communities.

Building Safety and Security Committee

Chaired by Code Council Board Member Angie Weise, PE, CBO, the committee provides comprehensive and valuable tools for local and state leaders to help keep occupants of facilities, including schools, safe from intruders and other life safety hazards in the built environments.

National Mitigation Investment Strategy

The Code Council worked closely with FEMA’s Mitigation Framework Leadership Group (MitFLG) on the development of the National Mitigation Investment Strategy.

Up-to-date building codes and standard criteria should be required in federal and state grants and programs.

- Recommendation of the National Mitigation Investment Strategy

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