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Welcome to the Assessment Center, formerly Certification and Testing. Here's what's new!

Computer-Based Testing Centers Temporarily Closed 

Due to natural disasters in the United States, India, and the Caribbean islands, PearsonVUE is experiencing site closures in some areas. They are working diligently to contact all affected candidates by email and phone. 

They are closing the following Test Centers until Tuesday:

  • Miami
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Oakland Park
  • Ft Myers I
  • Ft Myers II
  • Lakeland
  • Melbourne
  • Ormond Beach
  • St Petersburg
  • Lake Mary
  • Orlando

Pearson VUE will continually assess the need to make additional closures as the storm progresses. If you have questions about your appointment, please contact customer service

Candidates may call 1-800-274-2615 to check additional weather delays.

We appreciate your patience.



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PRONTO & Assessment Center FAQs

PRONTO and Assessment Center FAQs:

Assessment Center

  • Who is the Assessment Center, and what happened to Certification and Testing?
    • The ICC Assessment Center will take the place of the ICC Certification and Testing division as a newly integrated, one-stop shop approach to simplify user access to services.
  • Will I lose my certifications?
    • No; the ICC Assessment Center will maintain the same strong credentials as the previous system, with an updated look and name. All certification and testing activities previously conducted by ICC will now be available from the Assessment Center, along with new and enhanced services.
  • Why did ICC change the certification department name?
    • The Assessment Center name more accurately reflects that credentials aren’t just tied to testing, but to various means of assessment. New credential types will be available soon in the Assessment Center – watch for more information.


  • What is PRONTO?
    • Proctored Remote Online Testing Option (PRONTO) is a new program offered by ICC that allows individuals to take an ICC certification exam in the privacy of their home, office or other secured location. Instead of having to travel to one of the current testing sites, some of which have limited hours and may not be convenient for many test takers, candidates can take an exam at their convenience.
  • Why is ICC interested in online testing?
    • This new test-taking platform will remove one of the barriers to individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in the building trades, which could help reduce the current shortage of qualified individuals for jobs in these fields.
  • What do I need in order to test through PRONTO?
    • To participate in PRONTO, individuals need to have a computer, web cam, microphone and high-speed (broadband) internet access. Users will be able to test their computer system to see if it works for PRONTO prior to purchasing the exam.
  • Why should I consider taking an exam through PRONTO?
    • PRONTO makes taking a certification exam easier, more convenient, more comfortable and saves time by enabling individuals to take the exams in their own location. The new test-taking platform eliminates the geographical barrier of travelling to a testing center to take an ICC exam, which is especially helpful for testers who live far away from a testing site or can’t easily schedule an exam due to limited testing hours.
  • Who else is offering online testing?
    • While online proctored testing is being successfully used at companies such as Microsoft and Cisco, ICC is the first model code organization to offer secured online proctored exams. ICC is also currently the only model code organization to offer this convenient service at an entirely new, accessible level to testers.
  • When can I take an exam through PRONTO?
    • PRONTO services reflect the demand for flexibility and control over scheduling for the modern-day tester, making exams accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • When do I get my exam results?
    • Individuals will find out their pass/fail status immediately upon completing their exams through PRONTO.
  • What’s happening to computer-based and paper-and-pencil testing?
    • In addition to PRONTO, ICC will continue offering other options for taking certification exams via computer-based testing and paper-and-pencil examinations to provide testers with the highest variety of options.
  • Can I take any ICC exam through PRONTO?
    • PRONTO services are now available for 24 different exams. Even more types of exams will begin to become available in the future, making certification exams more convenient and accessible than ever before.


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