Certification Renewal Options

Renew and Track Your Certifications Online

To complete your renewal online:

  1. Complete the CEUs required for your certification(s), found in the Renewal Bulletin.
  2. Log in to the Renewal module – here you can:
    • Enter CEU information
    • Complete your renewal application
    • Enter payment information to finalize your application

You are now able to complete the certification renewal process entirely online. You can enter and keep track of your continuing education unit (CEU) credits, and fill out the renewal application, all on a password-protected, secure site. Tutorials on our website will show you how to work in this system, and will answer any questions you might have. View details.

Exception: Certifications that cannot be renewed online include NAFED (FE, FK, FN) and most UST certifications (except for the UI program).

Certifications Expired? You May Be Eligible for Reinstatement

Starting in February 2016, individuals with certifications expired more than six (6) years can reinstate their certifications without the need to re-test. Expired certifications initially issued by ICC or the legacy organizations (ICBO, BOCA, SBCCI, CABO) are eligible for reinstatement.

Advantages of the new Reinstatement Program include:

  • Allows reinstatement of expired certifications without the need for retesting
  • Provides greater opportunity and job mobility by holding a current ICC certification
  • Helps address the impending shortage of certified code officials
  • Provides a path for reinstatement that meets the spirit and intent of the current ICC Certification Renewal program

You can complete an application now for certifications issued by ICC or certifications issued by a legacy organization. Questions? We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions on the Reinstatement Program FAQs.

State CEU Recognition Information

ICC submits requests for continuing education recognition for ICC education to applicable approving bodies. As new offerings are developed, requests for continuing education recognition are submitted and information is updated upon receiving notification of recognition from the specific agency/organization. View state CEU information.

Development Committees

Professional Development Council

The new Professional Development Council (PDC) has been selected for this term. Comprised of two committees, the Education Committee (EC) and Certification Committee (CC), this new Council will serve to better align the ICC Education Programs and Certification Programs to ensure that quality training is available to meet the needs of all Members, customers and Certification holders.e to meet the needs of all Members, customers and Certification holders.

If you are interested in applying for either the EC or CC, please read the snapshot of committee responsibilities and then apply.

For a list of this term’s Council members, please click here.

To submit comments or questions for the PDC, please email cthomas@iccsafe.org. 

Exam Development Committee

By serving on an Exam Development Committee, you can share your expertise and help ensure the credibility and validity of ICC certifications, as well as earn CEUs, contribute to exam development, promote building and fire safety, and add to your professional credentials.

Exam development committees oversee the development of various exams; however, no testing experience is required. Committee members typically meet for one in-person meeting that runs two to three days and multiple Web conferences throughout the year.

Why Join?

Committee members:

  • Earn CEUs (0.5 credits each year of participation)
  • Contribute to the development of exams
  • Ensure exam rigor, credibility and validity
  • Promote building and fire safety
  • Add to your professional credentials