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CARICOM Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code (CREEBC)

The CARICOM Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code (CREEBC) is an adaptation of the International Energy Conservation Code®, 2018 Edition, published by the International Code Council. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Caribbean and other countries in a tropical environment. It establishes minimum energy efficiency requirements for buildings using prescriptive and performance-related provisions inclusive of building envelope, cooling system, ventilation, pumping, lighting and the service water-heating systems in buildings. The CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) undertook the development of the CREEBC with support from the Energy for Sustainable Development Regional Project, part of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and administered by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC).

The International Code Council offers numerous resources to enable jurisdictions in the Caribbean region and throughout the world to effectively implement the CREEBC.


ICC offers the following self-paced online training courses to familiarize professionals with the CREEBC and to prepare for certification exams


ICC offers credentialing exams to building safety and construction industry professionals through its PRONTO® portal, which allows candidates to register to take credentialing exams online from any secure location, scheduled at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ICC credentialing exams can be taken without ICC exam preparation courses. While participating in exam preparation courses, including those offered by ICC, can enhance performance on the exams, such participation does not guarantee certification.

  • CROSQ Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner Certification – this certification exam evaluates the candidate’s basic knowledge and understanding of the CARICOM Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code (CREEBC), including material, installation, methodology, plans examination, and inspection of energy conservation materials and construction methods and practices as they pertain to residential structures as defined in the CREEBC.
  • CROSQ Commercial Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner with ASHRAE 90.1 Certification – this certification exam evaluates the candidate’s advanced knowledge and understanding of the CARICOM Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code (CREEBC), including material, installation, methodology, plans examination, and inspection of energy conservation materials and construction methods and practices as they pertain to commercial structures as defined in the CREEBC and ASHRAE 90.1 standard.

To learn more about the scope of the credentialing exams or to register for a credentialing exam, visit our
exam catalog (search by type: International) or contact

For additional information please contact ICC Global Services.


MBI/MBHA Affinity Program


Your MBI/MHBA Membership Qualifies You to Enjoy the Valuable Benefits of an ICC Membership

As part of the International Code Council’s expansion of off-site construction offerings, we are pleased to provide an ICC Corporate Membership designed specifically for MBI and MBHA members for $500. An ICC Corporate Membership will give you access to many benefits and membership savings provided by the ICC Family of Solutions.

You will Receive Member Discounts on:

  • Digital Codes Premium – providing electronic access to all Code Council Codes, Standards and Guidelines (Including Guideline 5, and standards 1200 and 1205)
  • Special ICC Member pricing on Training
    (Including an expanding library of off-site construction related topics)
  • Digital and print publication discounts in the bookstore

Plus Additional Benefits:

  • Online Access to the Building Safety Journal
  • New members receive a collection of Codes and Standards Resources (Including the latest editions of the International Building Code®, International Residential Code®, International Fire Code®, International Mechanical Code®, Guideline 5 and Standards 1200and 1205)¹
  • Code Compliance Support including AHJ engagement for products/manufacturers certified, accredited or inspected by NTA, ICC-ES or IAS

Offers from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES):

  • 50% discount on all new evaluation applications plus a 25% discount on renewals over the following two years²
  • Consultation on development of new acceptance criteria and product categories

Offers from NTA:

  • 10% discount on all testing laboratory services
  • 50% discount on new plant certifications³

Offers from ICC Accreditation Service (IAS):

  • 15% discount on new accreditations
  • Development of new accreditation programs to support

Don’t miss out on this opportunity that is only available to MBI/MHBA Members!
Simply complete the application and begin enjoying your member benefits.

¹ Once published.
² Discount does not apply to inspections.
³ Discount limited to first 30 days from start of the certification process. Discount does not apply to expenses.


PMG Leadership Award

PMG Leadership Award

This award is given to an individual or organization for exceptional service to the plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas and swimming pool/spa (PMG) industry. The award recognizes contributions in one or more of the following categories; growth and enhancement of PMG codes and standards, advocacy in state and local code adoptions, publication of PMG technical articles or research papers, advancement of PMG knowledge through training and education, extensive ICC Committee or Council service, development of innovative PMG products and services, or notable advancement of the PMG industry.


Nominations are due Monday, March 15, 2021. Download the application and submit to


ICC Proctored Remote Online Testing (PRONTO) Helping Your Organization Provide
PRONTO On-site (PRONTO@work)

Not sure what is needed to establish a dedicated PRONTO@work testing area in your office? PRONTO provides overview resources to help you get started, as well as recognition for organizations that have committed to providing this valuable opportunity on-site for their staff.

PRONTO is a proctored online remote testing option now available to all code officials. This secure and convenient online exam delivery service is even better when integrated into your jurisdiction through a dedicated on-site testing area.

PRONTO Pluses 

  • Convenient Access: Exams are available 24/7
  • Real-time Results: Results are provided upon test completion
  • Test Integrity: Advanced exam security features ensure test integrity and accuracy
  • One-of-a-Kind Solution: PRONTO was the first proctored remote online testing option available for building professional certifications
PRONTO@work Dedicated Exam Space On-site Benefits

By providing an easy and hassle-free way for staff to take certification tests in the office, your organization will:

  • Increase efficiencies with less staff time-off for travel to exams
  • Provide a peak testing environment for success with a controlled, distraction-free setting
  • Encourage more employees to pursue certifications and advancement
  • Commit to safer communities through increased number of staff with code credentials
  • Be known as an innovative partner dedicated to ensuring code compliance and professionalism within your department with recognition as a PRONTO@work organization
NEW! PRONTO has an Improved Proctoring Experience!
We've upgraded PRONTO's proctoring service in our commitment to improving your testing experience.

Additional Requirements

Not Supported

A functioning microphone (some web cameras have the built-in)

A compatible browser : Google Chrome (preferred), Mozilla Firefox, or Safari

Adobe Flash

Google Chromebooks (supported for G Suite Certificaiton and G Suite Administrator exams)

Tablets (Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc.)

Linux operating systems

Windows 10 in S mode or Surface RT

No running inside a virtual machine. You will be asked to reconnect using your host operating system to take your exam

NOTE: Before you test, you will be prompted to download a one-time minor software installation. You have the option to delete the software after your exam or keep it on your browser if you are planning to take another PRONTO exam in the future.

Resources for Troubleshooting

For Proctor Connection Issues, contact ProctorU:
Phone: 1-855-772-8678, Option 1
Text Support Prior to connection timesend a ticket for support
Text Support During connection time: You will have Live Chat support available
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For all other questions, please contact us at

What a PRONTO@work site has to share
The City of San Antonio’s Development Services Department (DSD) is one of the first in the nation to implement PRONTO@work as an additional option for achieving certification. DSD moved quickly to test this new examination method with much success.
“The availability of PRONTO fits with one of our City’s core values – innovation. With this technology, we anticipate more staff will be able to take their certification exams,” said DSD Director Michael Shannon, PE, CBO. “As a department, we strongly encourage our employees to obtain ICC certifications in various areas to make our building and code enforcement team better equipped to handle the construction, inspection and maintenance of code-compliant structures.”
Jenny Ramirez, Code Enforcement Manager, points out, “I did not have to worry about scheduling around the test center calendar; it was at my convenience.  The steps for logging in were simple and direct. I plan to take the rest of my ICC exams through PRONTO.”
Florence Diaz, Plans Examiner Supervisor, said, “My experience with PRONTO@work has been a positive one. Scheduling the room is quick and easy, and the location is very convenient. Personally, having a room to myself to perform the test is more relaxing than attending a testing site.”

Are You Interested in Becoming a PRONTO@work site?
Simply setup your space and tell us about it by filling out the form.

We Want to Hear from You!
Are you already a PRONTO@work site and want to share your experience and join our growing list of PRONTO@work sites? Send pictures of your testing area and/or testimonials to

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Thank you to our current PRONTO@work testing areas:
ABG Roofing
Apprenticeship Skill and Improvement Program Operating Engineers Local 150
Caln Township Department of Building and Life Safety
City of Asheville
City of Auburndale Florida
City of Aurora Illinois
City of Cullman
City of Denison Iowa
City of El Paso Texas
City of Katy
City of Kent
City of Lake Wales Florida
City of Marble Falls TX (Development Services Dept.)
City of Morgantown
City of New Smyrna Beach Florida
City of North Las Vegas (pictured)
City of Phoenix, Arizona
City of Port St. Lucie, Florida
City of Sheridan
City of Safford
City of Strongsville, OH
City of Tomball
City of Tracy
Complete Fueling Solutions
DILP, Howard County MD 21046
Howard County Inspections DILP-2
Joplin JATC
Larry M Jacobs & Associates, Inc. 
Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations
Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc. 
MHA Nation Construction Management
Pickaway County Building Department
Renova Concept
Seattle Fire Department
S & ME, Inc. 
Townzen & Associates, Inc
Town of Clarkdale, AZ
Town of Summerville
T&T Construction Enterprises LLC
Universal Engineering and Science
Village of Bourbonnais
Village of Elk Grove Village
Village of Lisle, ILIf you offer a PRONTO@work testing area, please fill out the form above so we can highlight your organization!

Upcoming Training

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Convenient, Affordable Training -
No Travel Required!

20 18610 LC 161x100
Virtual Classroom

Join a live training event from any location with an internet connection. When you join a virtual classroom, you can actually see your instructor. This is a hybrid learning environment where you participate remotely but experience the same collaboration, instructor interaction and learning benefits as if you were physically in the classroom.


Inspector Skills | July 21

Effective Communication | July 22

2018 IBC Means of Egress | July 23

2021 IPC, IMC, and IFGC Significant Changes | July 29


2018 Plan Review Institute | August 2–6

Code Official Institute | August 9–12

2018 Residential Plumbing Inspector - P1 Certification Test Academy | August 10–12

When Disaster Strikes | August 17–18

2021 IBC Significant Changes | August 18

2018 IBC Essentials | August 19

2018 Fire & Life Safety Institute | August 24–26

Customer Service and Code Enforcement | August 25

2021 IRC Significant Changes | August 31


2018 Permit Technician Institute | September 1–2

2021 IFC Significant Changes | September 2

Report Writing for the Code Official | September 3

Officer Safety Procedures: HazMat, Hoarding & Joint Enforcement Safety | September 9

2018 Residential Building Inspection Institute | September 13–17

Millennials in Code Enforcement | September 30


The International Code Council offers live webinars led by industry professionals on specialized topics. The webinar series are becoming a very popular alternative to full day trainings that break up larger topic areas into condensed 1 to 1 1/2 hour training over multiple sessions. Take one or take them all!

Leadership Webinar:

Challenging Discussions | August 6

Mass Timber Webinar Series:

2021 IBC Tall Mass Timber - How Big and How Tall? | July 22
2021 IBC Tall Mass Timber Construction - Fire Safety | July 29
2021 IBC/IFC Tall Mass Timber - Shake and Bake | August 5

2021 Residential Building Inspector Webinar Series:

Administration and Adoption | September 1
Building Planning, Part I | September 8
Building Planning, Part II | September 15
Chapters 4–10, Part I | September 22
Chapters 4–10, Part II | September 29
Existing Buildings | October 6

2021 Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series:

Building Planning | September 2
Footings and Foundations | September 9
Wall Construction | September 16
Public Safety and Special Construction, Part I | September 23
Public Safety and Special Construction, Part II | September 30


Sharing a digital badge in your eMail Signature

Share Your Digital Badge in Your eMail Signature


Adding your digital badge to your email signature is another great way to showcase your accomplishment.
It is important that you not only include the badge image but also the hyperlink to the information about the badge you have earned. Please follow the detailed directions below.

Badge EMail Signature Image

Step 1:
Select your image and hyperlink.

  1. Log into your myICC account and select (click on) the badge you’d like to add to your email signature from your dashboard.
  2. Select the share button at the top the page.
  3. Select the tab with the download icon and use the sliding scale to select the appropriate size for your image download. (We recommend around 150x150 pixels) Click the "Download Image" button.
  4. Select the tab with the link icon and click the "Copy" button to copy the Badge URL to your clipboard. You'll need this to hyperlink your downloaded image.

Step 2:
Select your email platform from the list below and follow those instructions.

Microsoft Outlook
1. Open your outlook email

2. Start a new email and click signature in the top navigation.

3. Either edit an existing signature or add a new one.

4. Click the add image icon (2nd to last icon at right corner of edit signature bar) and choose the badge image you downloaded.

5. Next hyperlink the image by clicking the add link icon (last icon at the right corner of the edit signature bar). Paste the badge url you copied in Step 1.

6. Select Save.

1. Open your gmail account and find the settings area and scroll to the signature block

2. Use the picture icon to upload the badge image you downloaded.

3. Highlight the image and click on the link icon.

4. Paste the url you copied from Step 1.

5. Select Save.

1. Open the Mail app in Mac OS. Go to the Mail menu and click Preferences.

2. Choose the Signatures tab and then click the [+] plus button to add a new signature or select a signature you’ve already created.

3. Open your Finder to locate the badge image you want to add to your signature; select the image and then drag and drop it into the signature section.

4. To add the hyperlink to the image, select the image, go to edit, then click add link and enter/paste the URL from Step 1 into the box.

5. Click OK.

Fire Inspector I Career Path

This webinar series will provide an overview of the basic principles and concepts of the International Fire Code (IFC). Participants will be better able to understand and apply concepts required to conduct assigned inspections for compliance with Codes and Standards adopted by their jurisdiction.

Time: All webinars being at 12:00 PM CT

Price (each webinar): $49 (member) $59 (non-member)

CEUs (each webinar): 0.15

2015 Fire Inspector Webinar Series:
2018 Fire Inspector Webinar Series:

Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series

This webinar series will provide an overview of the basic concepts of the International Building Code (IBC). Each webinar will cover fundamental provisions and general topics of the IBC as well as discuss how the code relates to the design, construction and inspection of commercial buildings.

Time: All webinars being at 12:00 PM CT

Price (each webinar): $49 (member) $59 (non-member)

CEUs (each webinar): 0.15

2015 Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series:
2018 Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series:

Career Paths


The International Code Council is excited to take you on the journey to a career that focuses on building safety. We will be your guides helping you to achieve the knowledge and professionalism that is needed to succeed!

Building Plans Examiner
Fire Inspector I 
Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector
Residential Building Inspector
Residential Mechanical Inspector
Residential Plumbing Inspector

Permit Tech Webinar Series

This webinar series will provide an overview of general topics that pertain to the Permit Technician position. Each webinar will build an understanding of the intent and application of the code, discuss how to apply the code to specific situations as well as discuss best practices.

Time: All webinars being at 12:00 PM CT

Price (each webinar): $49 (member) $59 (non-member)

CEUs (each webinar): 0.15 (except where noted)