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Counterfeit Code Books

Be careful if you find a great deal on a new International Code Council code book from online retailers other than the Code Council. It very well could be a counterfeit. Glenn Matthewson shares his experience.

A second video from Glenn Mathewson on things to look for in order to avoid buying counterfeit code books.

SDO Documents Are Copyright Protected

More and more counterfeit Standards Development Organization (SDO) documents are being circulated each year. There are a lot of sites on the internet that look legitimate. Take the time to identify these sites before making a purchase.


Just as you’re not allowed to make copies of your favorite singer’s new song to give to your friends, not respecting the copyright of a document can have consequences.  This video provides some helpful tips on the legal usage of copyrighted material.


In this episode of our ICC Pulse Podcast, Executive Vice President & Director of Business Development Mark Johnson interviews Code Council General Counsel Mel Oncu about the International Codes and copyright issues. Click below to listen.

In Episode 27 of our ICC Pulse Podcast, Executive Vice President and Director of New Products Mark Johnson talks to Glenn Matthewson for his member perspective on copyright issues. Click below to listen.

Key Court Documents

Key Court Documents Regarding Copyright Protection Case

Listed below for public viewing are key documents that have been filed in ICC vs. UpCodes LLC. 


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