Professional Expertise

Professional Expertise

One of the goals of raising the profile is for the local code official to establish him or herself as a valued resource and not just a regulator. It takes a broad array of abilities including effective communication, people skills and robust code knowledge. Ongoing professional development is necessary to maintain, refine, sharpen and expand the expertise required of the local code official. It is a smart, cost effective investment for the jurisdiction when the local code official is active with their local and/or state ICC Chapter; attends ICC Annual Conferences and grows his or her network of experts; and impacts future codes by participating in cdpACCESS.

ICC supports professional expertise in many ways, some of which are highlighted below. Peer-to-peer resources follow.

Raise Your Professional Standing

stock01Continuing Education includes on-site education opportunities, regional training programs, and online courses through ICC.  Two ‘must haves’ for any building department are Inspector Skills and Building Department Administration. In addition, there are study guides, commentaries, significant changes and more, which can help the local code official be appropriate in their application of the code.

ICC Certifications are the market leader and are highly regarded in the industry. According to a recent survey of more than 2,400 members and certificants, the value of ICC Certifications are greater than the cost and many certified employees are paid more than their non-certified counterparts. Demonstrate commitment to your career by pursuing an ICC Certification.

ICC’s Preferred Provider Program opens the door to extensive training opportunities from a variety of educational resources. The program recognizes and promotes ICC-approved educational courses offered by a variety of education providers, focusing on the areas of construction codes, standards and guidelines, as well as building construction materials, products and methods.

Help Each Other Succeed

The ICC Discussion Forums are ICC's online, professional discussion forums and area within the website that has a sense of community – where Members and nonmembers can provide input and exchange ideas with their peers in the industry.

Connect with us on LinkedIn for professional networking opportunities.

Peer-to-Peer Resources

Local Leadership

Local Leadership

Raising the Profile and increasing local support requires the code official to convey the importance of their work to their leadership. Regularly updating the local ‘powers that be’ using pictures, graphs and even specific examples of how you protected the public will help build credibility. Be an advocate for building safety. When too often too much weight is given to unwarranted complaints, it is a warning sign that you need to do more to educate those in your chain of command. The ideas and materials found here can help you.

Your local chapter may have individuals that can serve as mentors. Join the Building Officials Membership Council and volunteer to serve on the Raise the Profile Task Group. Your ICC Government Relations representative may be able to guide you to resources.

Your state ‘Association of Counties’ or ‘League of Cities and Towns’ may have opportunities to promote building safety codes in an environment where elected and appointed officials may be more approachable.

Talk to your local mayor, town council, or other government representatives about I-Codes with this presentation provided by ICC, available for download.

ICC Government Relations

ICC Government Relations offers:

Learn more about the Government Relations program here.

Peer-to-Peer Resources

Community Awareness

Community Awareness

To raise the profile, it is imperative that the local code official tell his or her story. In fact, there is no one better to do it. Create and take advantage of opportunities to advance the awareness of the importance of the code official beyond the circle of those who share our profession. This collection of materials can help. Seek out ideas and materials can work in your community and modify where appropriate for the particular audience and situation.


What Are Communities Doing? (News tab)

  • Arlington County Kicks Off "Building Safety is No Accident" (December 1, 2014)
  • Williamsburg offers free deck inspection in May (November 20, 2014)
  • Cintas Corp. Shares Common Fire Safety Misconceptions for Building Safety Month

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Share Your Community News

  • Media Guide
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  • Sample News Release
  • Submit a News Release to ICC

ICC Outreach Programs

Building Safety Month is May of every year. Sponsored by ICC, it is an easy way to highlight the important service that the code official provides the community. It can also be an opportunity to acknowledge quality builders, contractors, design professionals or developers for their role in a safe built environment.

High School & Technical Training Programs: Is there a vocational school in your community? ICC’s ready-made training program on the IRC helps students at local high schools and technical colleges gain an advantage for future employment in the construction industry. Now that’s providing a public service!

Peer-to-Peer Resources

Raising the Profile

Raising the Profile

How do successful code officials garner support? How did they gain respect for the value they provide their community? It does not happen overnight and it takes courage, commitment and initiative. These pages can help code officials take action to raise their profile by providing ideas, articles, slideshows and more. Explore the categories Community Awareness, Local Leadership and Professional Expertise to find materials that may be beneficial to you. We encourage you to use the materials to help you, and we also request that you contribute to the effort by identifying other materials that may be of use to other code officials. Lastly, these materials cannot do what they are intended to do if you do not take the initiative to act on your own behalf to educate those in your community about the vital role you play in public safety and in the economic success of your jurisdiction.



stock01Past ICC President Wally Bailey is credited with bringing ‘Raise the Profile’ to the forefront, and a BOMC survey indicates it remains one of the top priorities of code officials. Recently a group of volunteers began delving in to the topic. The conclusion is that it takes effort and work by the local code official, whose actions are paramount in order to increase professional stature. Thus, this addition to the website to provide resources for adaptation by the local code official to suit his or her local needs.

Code of Ethics

The professional standing of each person connected with ICC depends on the ethical conduct of everyone. All individuals participating in an ICC activity are expected to adhere to the ICC Code of Ethics.

Helping Others

Have something to share? Please contact any of the BOMC Governing Committee. We look forward to hearing from you.