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Modernize the Look and Feel of Your Code Council Chapter Website

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As a chapter benefit, we offer a modern website hosting service that you can personalize with your specific information and resources.

We’ve contracted with KWSM, a premier digital marketing agency, to work with you to personalize your template. KWSM will also provide regular maintenance to the website and minor changes as needed.

Websites are so important for any group – it’s the first place that most people go to learn about you! The website template we’ve developed in conjunction with KWSM is modern, clean and easy to use. It will help you expand your online outreach to new members and communities within your region.

We've surveyed our chapter presidents, so we know that you’re excited to jump in and use this feature. Before you get started, here are a few things you should know:

  • You’ll need to continue paying for your website domain. Those costs won’t change.
  • The International Code Council is paying for the template creation and maintenance as well as the master hosting account. We will also pay for half the maintenance costs for each chapter website. You will be responsible for the other half – $50 per month (annual cost of $600) and any additional work you need done above and beyond the main template.
  • You will still need to have someone assigned to update your website once it’s created with new events, jobs and blog posts.

To learn more about this benefit, please see the following:

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting
Karla Higgs at or 1-888-ICC-SAFE x5268.

2019 Chapter Leadership Academy

Best Practices - Implementing the HSTTP Program Published 06/27/19 782 KB
Best Practices - Leadership Training Published 06/27/19 4025 KB
Creating a Building Safety Career Path Published 06/27/19 3977 KB
How to Get Ahead When You Can't Get Away Published 06/27/19 5105 KB

2018 Chapter Leadership Academy

Preserving the Past upload Published 06/14/18 270 KB
Efficient Effective Meetings upload Published 06/14/18 717 KB
Safety2.0 for Denver Published 06/14/18 4931 KB
EventPlanning Published 06/14/18 664 KB
Mentoring Published 06/14/18 356 KB
Creating Professional Development Strategies for Members Published 06/14/18 590 KB

Chapter Benefits

Chapter Benefits from ICC

Learn more about chapters, chapter responsibilities or how to become a chapter by reading the Council Policy.

Chapters in compliance with the Chapter Policy (CP-10) and with a current Annual Report on file are entitled to the following benefits:

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Benefit Spotlight

ICC Chapter Website Project Kicks Off With New Sites

In 2019, the Code Council launched an exciting new benefit for its Chapters. The Council partnered with a website hosting service to design a new website template to help Chapters modernize their websites and more easily keep them up-to-date. The first six Chapters to take advantage of this valuable benefit are Saginaw Valley Chapter, San Diego County Fire Prevention Officers Association, Metropolitan Kansas City Chapter, Kansas City Metro Association of Permit Technicians, WICED of VA and 10,000 Lakes Chapter. Details on how to participate in this program are here.

Discounts & Offers
  • NEW: Chapter Website Template: Chapters can take advantage of a modern website hosting service that can be personalized with your specific information and resources.
  • Complimentary Conference Attendance: One complimentary registration to the ICC Annual Conference is extended to the President of qualifying Chapters each year. Qualifying Chapters may also choose to substitute the Annual Conference registration for attendance to the Chapter Leadership Academy.
  • Chapter Discount Program: All chapters are entitled to receive 20% off ICC Member prices on ICC designated products for bulk orders shipped and billed to the chapter.
  • Chapter Education Benefit: The Chapter Education Benefit is available to qualifying Chapters and consists of an education voucher to be used for one complimentary day of training through an ICC Preferred Provider (valued up to $1,200) or one day of training from ICC.
  • Chapter Rewards Program: Additional benefits and services are available to chapters who participate in the Chapter Rewards Program. Beginning January 2020, Chapters with a complete (Parts 1 & 2) Annual Report are eligible for this program. The deadline for completing this Report each year is March 15. Participants in this program record Chapter activities which can earn your Chapter points toward the purchase of select list of products and services.
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Chapter Education
  • Chapter Education Benefit:The benefit consists of an education voucher to be used for one complimentary day of training through an ICC Preferred Provider (valued up to $1,200) or one day of training from ICC.
  • Hire ICC to Teach: Your chapter can enjoy the flexibility to choose the seminar topic, specific location, date and the instructor you prefer at a special chapter discount rate by contracting a seminar.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Opportunities to cosponsor ICC Institutes are available each year. ICC will also partner with Chapters who wish to deliver training targeted to address your local needs.
  • Education Products: ICC Chapters have access to an up-to-date comprehensive I-Code technical curriculum, top rate instructors and customization services available at a special chapter rate.
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ICC Support
  • My Chapters Area: The My Chapters area is a one-stop shop for information unique to your Chapter and is available to Chapter Officers.
  • Support for Attendance to Professional Events: ICC will write and send a letter to your employer, supervisor, elected official or other individuals who play a part in authorizing your attendance at the ICC Annual Conference and/or your participation in your local, state and/or regional Chapter(s), encouraging their support for your efforts.
  • Chapter Liaisons: Your Board and Staff Liaisons, and members of ICC Executive board and Senior Management Team are available to assist you and look forward to attending your next chapter meeting.
  • Chapter Advocacy: Government Relations would like to show you how your chapter can advocate for ICC and its legislative initiatives.
  • Chapter Awards Program: All chapters are encouraged to compete for the ICC Chapter of the Year Award. Awards are presented at the Annual Conference.
  • Chapter Conference Events: Chapter events are held each year at the ICC Annual Conference. They typically include a Chapter Awards presentation, Chapter Host Hospitality events, Regions Meetings and more.
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ICC_Chap_logo_300x82ICC chapters are groups of code officials and industry-related professionals run by volunteers who support and promote the mission and goals of the Code Council. Chapters create partnerships with members of the building community, and increase public awareness about the value of code officials in our everyday lives. They provide significant support for the code development process, International Code (I-Code) adoptions and other important Code Council initiatives such as Building Safety Month, the Code of Honor scholarship program and the Raising the Profile campaign.

The Council is supported by nearly 400 chapters spread throughout the country and around the world. Chapters are designated as Regional, State, Local, Professional, Student or Global depending on the geographical area they serve and the nature of their membership. Every ICC chapter is different. Many chapters focus on a particular discipline such as Building, Fire, Mechanical or Plumbing. Learn more about chapters, chapter responsibilities or how to become a chapter by reading the Council Policy.

An important objective of an ICC chapter is to develop and advance members professional abilities in the administration of the I-Codes. Other activities include:

  • Educational seminars and training
  • Keeping members updated on industry issues
  • An extensive support network and voice
  • Shared expertise and ideas
  • Professional networking
  • Social gatherings of field professionals
  • Periodic meetings on topics of common interest
  • Information concerning employment needs
  • Information on construction methods

Chapters of the International Code Council


The Council is supported by over 375 Chapters spread throughout the country and around the world. Chapters are designated as Regional, State, Local, Professional, Student or Global depending on the geographical area they serve and the nature of their membership. Every ICC Chapter is different. Many Chapters focus on a particular discipline such as Building, Fire, Mechanical or Plumbing. Learn more about chapters, chapter responsibilities or how to become a chapter by reading the Council Policy.

Save the Date!
2018 Chapter Leadership Academy

On June 4-6, 2018, the Code Council will host its third annual Chapter Leadership Academy at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center in Denver, CO.  This exclusive event for ICC Chapter leaders focuses on management skills for ICC Chapters. Chapter leaders may use their annual Chapter benefit for either complimentary travel, hotel expenses and registration for the 2018 Chapter Leaders Academy or complimentary registration for the 2018 Annual Conference.



For New Chapters & Officers

ICC Chapter Relations Introduces a New Format for Our Chapter Officer Orientation Information

In order to ensure that all Chapter officers, new and existing, have the most up-to-date information in the most convenient format, all Officer Orientation materials can now be found online. In the past, presidents of new Chapters received a large binder with orientation information. Unfortunately, these paper copies quickly became out-of-date or the binders were lost as one Chapter President succeeded another.

With this new online format, all Chapter officers (not just the president) can easily access the latest news and information. Just click here and you'll see all the links you need to complete your Annual Report, set up a Chapter Education Benefit Day, contact your Chapter's Staff Liaison, and much more.

We're interested in your feedback. Let us know what you think of this new Orientation area. Did you need information you couldn't find? Does any of the information need to be more clear? Tell us about it. Or just drop us a line to let us know you like the new format! Email or call Karla Price Higgs, Vice President, Member Services at 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233) ext. 5268.

Chapter Forms

The Online Chapter Annual Report and the Online Chapter Meeting Request forms are now located in each Chapter's individual My Chapters area. By completing these forms in your My Chapters area they will be immediately acknowledged and become a permanent record in your Chapter profile. All Officers currently associated with a Chapter have access to this area. If you are not an officer or are having difficulty accessing your Chapter information, contact Chapter Relations. If you choose to download the form(s) below and submit manually (by fax, mail or email) please contact Chapter Relations to confirm receipt.

Chapter Benefits

Chapter Programs

Chapter Resources

Regional Chapters

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Subscribe to the Building Safety Journal Weekly, which includes information on Chapter activities.

Chapter News

Send us your Chapter news, events and photos. We will include them in the Building Safety Journal news portal. Submit Chapter news to

Call for Awards Nominations

Attention Chapter Representatives: Beginning January 6, 2020, your Chapter Annual Report will include your Chapter of the Year application. When you choose to complete the two-part report, your Chapter will be eligible for all benefits programs, including your Chapter Education Benefit Day, the Chapter Rewards Program, and the Chapter Awards program.

The new deadline for completing the application each year is March 15. Log in to your customized myICC page and click "Chapters" at the left of the screen to access the Annual Report. If you need assistance, contact Chapter Relations.

BOMC and FSMC Governing Committees Hold Inaugural Joint Meeting

BOMC and FSMC Governing Committees Hold Inaugural Joint Meeting

The Governing Committees of the Building Officials Membership Council and the Fire Service Membership Council met jointly during the weekend of March 1-3, at Guntersville State Park in Alabama. Under the guidance of meeting facilitators Jim Bartl and Ken Kraus, the members of each Governing Committee worked in cross-pollinated teams to identify barriers to cohesive working relationships between building and fire officials, and identify solutions and best practices to eliminate barriers.Governing Committees members were shuttled from the airport to the ICC Birmingham District Office by staff and greeted with refreshments and a tour of the office, where they were met by ICC Board Vice President Steve Jones, Board Secretary/Treasurer Guy Tomberlin and Board Members Bill Bryant, who is the liaison to the FSMC, and Dwayne Garriss.

“I was a little nervous coming in to this meeting, not knowing what to expect, but the relationships that were built and the camaraderie that took place far exceeded my wildest expectations,” said BOMC Chair Steve Shapiro. “What a great meeting!”

The group enjoyed a coach ride to Guntersville State Park where members of the local Town Council, George Gillen and Dink Myers, welcomed the ICC group and presented ICC CEO Dominic Sims with a symbolic key to the Town.

The hospitality continued with a fabulous outdoor barbecue dinner hosted by the Alabama Association of Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical Inspectors; the Code Officials Association of Alabama: the East Alabama Code Officials Association; and the Code Officials of Lower Alabama. All are ICC Chapters.

Chef Mel Cosgrove, Government Relations Senior Regional Manager, was behind the grill preparing excellent meals. Chef Mel was assisted by his wife Ann; Chapter Members David and his wife Vickie Price, Randy and his wife Corinna Lee, Paul McLamb and Jimmy Morgan; FSMC Governing Committee Vice-Chair Jackie and wife Barbara Gibbs; and Board Members Dwayne Garriss and Bill Bryant, a barbecue aficionado. Everyone enjoyed an outstanding meal under an outdoor pavilion while watching the snow fall, a rare sight in Alabama.

Following the outdoor adventure, everyone retired to the lodge’s hospitality room where members of each council networked. FSMC Governing Committee Chair Fulton Cochran noted “that the facilities at Guntersville State Park and the hospitality provided by the Alabama Chapters created the perfect environment for everyone to truly get to know one another.”

The formal part of the meeting got underway Saturday morning with an icebreaker exercise where members of each Governing Committee were paired off and asked to interview one another and then introduce their partner to the group. Each member was asked to bring a family photograph and the introductions were focused on each other from a personal perspective as opposed to their profession. Following introductions, the facilitators assigned everyone to a work group comprised of a mix of members from each Governing Committee. Each of the four groups chose a leader and worked through several exercises facilitated by Jim and Ken.

The groups identified issues and barriers they felt inhibit the close and productive working relationship between building and fire officials, and immediately went to work suggesting possible solutions or best practices that would reduce those barriers. BOMC Governing Committee Vice-Chair Becky Baker commented on how the exercises brought the members of each group together, “We started on Saturday morning as a work group and finished on Sunday as a team.”

FSMC Governing Committee Vice-Chair Jackie Gibbs commented that “fire and building officials really have much more in common than we have differences; we just need to take time to listen to one another.”

Collectively, the teams identified the following six issues as the most important areas that would become the focus of their action plans over the next year. These issues were identified as the top answers to the question: what prevents building and fire officials from working together?

  • Lack of communication
  • Cultural differences
  • Trust/Mistrust
  • Baggage from previous actions
  • Different political pressures
  • Need for joint training and education

Each team chose one or two priority actions as their mission for 2013. With support from ICC staff, the teams will continue to work collaboratively to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Timely) goals with an implementation plan to help building and fire officials work better together.

The materials developed during this first joint meeting of the two Governing Committees are posted on the Membership Councils website and available for viewing and input from all BOMC and FSMC members. To continue the enthusiasm and momentum created during the first meeting, the two Governing Committees will hold their next joint session on Sunday April 21, just prior to the start of the Committee Action Hearings in Dallas.