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As the Major Jurisdiction Committee’s (MJC) representative on the ICC Code Development Governmental Consensus Process (cdpACCESS) Steering Committee, I will be reporting updates to our Membership and seeking your input and commentary.

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Chair: Jack Leyden

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Emergency Response Task Group

Emergency Response Task Group

Welcome to our Task Group page for “Emergency Response.” In previous years, many Jurisdictions have dealt with emergency response to hurricanes, wild fires, flooding and other natural disasters, in addition to their day-to-day code enforcement responsibilities. Our goal is to create an ongoing repository of case studies that share these experiences and most importantly address “lessons learned” from these events.

Please complete the survey (see below) and send back to our Task Group for review and publication.  You can submit your forms via email to

Thank you in advance for your consideration and willingness to share your experience and insight with other code officials.  If you have any other comments or questions, please submit them to us through the same address. We are committed to providing you a prompt response.

Co-Chairs: John L. Barrios and James Kennedy

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Budget / Staff Cut Recovery Task Group

Budget / Staff Cut Recovery Task Group

Welcome to our Task Group page for “How Jurisdictions are Recovering from Budget and Staff Cuts.” How has the economic recession impacted your Jurisdiction? What is your Jurisdiction doing to work with less / streamline efficiency? How is your Jurisdiction recovering from these cuts? These are questions Jurisdictions throughout the Country are having to address and we would like to record your solutions to these matters. Please review the included case studies and submit your own to share with our Membership. Submissions can be short or long, general or detailed. Please send your reports or updates to

Chair: James Bartl

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Blighted Buildings Task Group

Blighted Buildings Task Group

Welcome to the “Blighted Buildings and High Rates of Vacancy” Task Group page. Attached to this page is an example(s) of our review. Please evaluate the report and submit your own example for our year-end report. What are the innovative ways to deal with the high rates of vacancy? Blighted buildings indicate neglect to neighborhoods. For instance, the City of Philadelphia has a new ordinance that requires the use of windows and doors where there is an 80% occupied block face, locating owners through the use of the Internal Revenue Service database (Lexus Nexus). What tools exist from liens to extradition?

Send your submissions to

Chair: Michael Maenner

Co-Chair: Elizabeth Scanlan

Task Group Documents

Benchmarking Task Group

Benchmarking Task Group

Code Officials periodically find themselves contacting other Jurisdictions to find out how something is done elsewhere. This information could be valuable to many of our colleagues as a benchmarking survey with basic data (such as size of the jurisdiction, number of plans reviewed, jobs inspected, staffing, etc.). It will save research time and provide key information and contact information for participating Jurisdictions.

Even if you cannot complete the survey given your time constraints, anything you can provide to our Task Group is appreciated and will be helpful.

Please review and submit the survey by clicking here. You may also submit to the Steering Committee for review with the PDF below; submissions can be sent to

Chair: Sheila Blake

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Major Jurisdiction Committee Documents

Committee Documents

Major Jurisdiction Committee Task Groups

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Best Practices

Welcome to the Major Jurisdiction Committee (MJC) Best Practices web page. The purpose is to maximize the benefit of shared resources, concepts and programs, to learn from both our successes and failures and provide contacts to better enable state and local jurisdictions to function in a more cost effective and efficient manner.

The Major Jurisdiction Committee (MJC) would like to encourage our members to submit “Best Practices” that you or your Jurisdiction have either developed or experienced in a code administration environment. Best Practices will be expanded to include both MJC vetted best practices and best practices vetted through the International Accreditation Services (IAS) process. All submittals will be in the same format to simplify the search process. Further, IAS has a series of categories that all best practices will be catalogued per the IAS methodology to enhance ease of use.

After review by the MJC Steering Committee, we will be posting your outstanding contributions on this page. This is a perfect example of code officials helping one another improve without reinventing the wheel. This synergy will help each of us to better serve our community and our customers, while potentially saving money.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and submittals. Please review the attached form for your “Best Practices” submission. You can submit your forms via email at

If you have any other comments or questions, please submit through We are committed to providing you a prompt response.

For your quick reference the categories for Best Practice:

  • Plan Review
  • Permitting
  • Inspection
  • Management/Administration
  • Legal
  • Customer Service
  • Information Technology

Guideline for “Best Practice” Submittals

Best Practice Guides

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Major Jurisdiction Committee Blog

How do Jurisdictions permit/inspect temporary amusement rides?
Amusement rides that are part of temporary fairs are installed for just a few days and then are dismanteled and moved to a new location. What kind of oversight is performed by local jurisdictions? Are permits requested? Are inspections conducted? What staff members are involved and what kind of credentials are required for that staff?
Elizabeth Scanlan, city of Chicago

How are jurisdictions dealing with UL removing the listing on Electric Circuit Protective Systems?
In NJ we are very concerned with this and we are preparing a guidance document for our electrical inspectors. Has any jurisdiction dealt with this issue yet? I would be more than happy to share our guidance with you all once it’s prepared. Time is of the essence on this matter as UL pulled the listing on 9/12/12. – John Terry (NJ)

Welcome to the Major Jurisdiction Committee Blog!

This blog site is designed for Members of the Major Jurisdiction Committee to share information and discuss issues impacting your profession and the enforcement agencies you work in.

All Members can comment on each blog posting. However, if you’d like to start a new discussion please submit your subject matter to ICC staff liaison, Corey Roblee at or post your topic discussion ideas here and our Steering Committee will review.

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