Legacy and State Certification Program

The Legacy and State Certification Program was established to provide a mechanism for:

1. individuals to demonstrate their knowledge of construction codes, standards and practices in
specific states, and

2. jurisdictions to partially evaluate individuals for knowledge of various construction codes,
standards and practices.

The program is based on voluntary participation. There is no guarantee that the certifications will be
accepted or recognized by a governmental jurisdiction or for any


California Certification Program

The California Certification Program meets the intent of Assembly Bill No. 717, which requires certification and training of construction inspectors, plans examiners, and building officials. It was designed for those jurisdictions requiring knowledge and application of the California Codes, and is deemed substantially equivalent to the corresponding Code Council certifications.

Exam ID Exam Title
24 California Title 24 Masonry Special Inspector- 24
I1 California Commercial Building Inspector- I1
I2 California Commercial Electrical Inspector- I2
I3 California Commercial Plumbing Inspector- I3
I4 California Commercial Mechanical Inspector- I4
I6 California Building Plans Examiner- I6
J1 California Residential Building Inspector- J1
J2 California Residential Electrical Inspector- J2
J3 California Residential Plumbing Inspector- J3
J4 California Residential Mechanical Inspector- J4
SC California DSA Shotcrete Special Inspector
CT CALGreen Inspector / Plans Examiner - CT



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