Codes Save

ICC Mitigation Saves

Up-To-Date Building Codes Support Safe, Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Building codes represent a highly cost-effective strategy to help protect communities from the risks posed by natural and man-made events. The Congressionally-established National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) found that adopting and enforcing the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) provide communities with an $11 benefit for every $1 invested. The resources provided here can help you make sure your community captures these benefits while preventing injuries, deaths and property loss.

Read the NIBS Report here

What Edition of the Code is My Community On?

Building codes are adopted at the state and/or local level in the United States. The edition in place in a community varies widely. The map below shows the current code edition adopted by state.

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How Do States or Localities Adopt Building Codes?

The process for adoption at the state and local level varies, but typically allows for some level of public engagement. Learn how states adopt the International Codes (I-Codes). Sample ordinances are available to help communities get started in the adoption process.

How are Building Codes Developed?

The I-Codes are the most widely used and adopted set of building safety codes in the world. These model codes developed through a consensus process organized by the International Code Council that allows all interested parties to recommend changes. The final outcomes are voted on by state and local government officials that are charged with protecting health, safety and welfare in their communities. The I-Codes are updated every three years. See the infographics on the ICC Code Development Process.

Who Do I Call to Learn More or Get Help with Code Adoption Efforts?

The Who To Call Map contains links by state to ICC offices and staff members across the country who can assist with code adoption efforts and answer questions about our products and services. For information on international adoptions, please click here.