The International Code Council is committed to protecting public health, safety, and welfare by developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process. To further its goals of building safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures, ICC launched the Get Everyone Certified campaign to encourage code enforcement staff to become 100% ICC Certified. Becoming ICC certified means professionals have demonstrated their code knowledge and skills, as well as their ability to apply those skills on the job.

Departments listed and pictured below have 100% ICC Certified Staff. Don’t forget to take a picture of your department with your certificate and send your pictures to

See photos of departments with staff who are 100% certified.

Congratulations to past winners of the Get Everyone Certified Challenge!


  • Under 50k: Muscatine, IA
  • 50,001-150,000: Bellingham, WA
  • 150,001+: Grand Rapids, MI


  • Under 50k: Belle Forche, SD
  • 50,001-150,000: Alhambra, CA
  • 150,001+: Pima County, AZ

Certified Staff