2008 InFC Performing Commercial Fire Plan Reviews

Course Title 2008 InFC Performing Commercial Fire Plan Reviews
Contact Hours6
Duration1 Day
Education CategoryCourse
Objectives After completing this seminar, participants will be better able to: Employ administrative authorities and responsibilities in the InFC and perform a commercial fire plan review. Explain requirements for construction documents. Explain plan review documentation and recordkeeping requirements. Verify the InFC requirements affecting the building use and occupancy classification. Determine that fire apparatus access roads, required gates and barricades, and building access indicated on the submitted plans are in compliance with the InFC. Determine compliance for fire protection water supplies and location and distribution of hydrants. Apply the requirements for building services and systems as specified in InFC Chapter 6. Cite examples of those occupancies where built-in fire protection systems and equipment are required by InFC Chapters 9 and 14. Verify that means of egress requirements in the InFC are met on submitted commercial building plans. Identify those conditions where special hazards (i.e., use, storage and handling) require fire code plan review; verify that special hazards comply with the InFC.
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Description This seminar addresses numerous issues in the 2008 Indiana Fire Code (InFC) where the fire code contains requirements applicable to construction, design, operation, storage, use and handling that occur in an occupancy, but are not regulated specifically by the Indiana Building Code (InBC). The course is intended to help building and fire code officials, responsible for plan review, identify those areas where plan review will include compliance with the InFC.