2008 NYC Fire Code Fundamentals

Course Title 2008 NYC Fire Code Fundamentals
Contact Hours6
Duration1 Day
Education CategoryCourse
Objectives Upon completion, participants will be better able to: Explain the importance and benefits of the fire inspection. Describe the types of commercial fire inspections, based on FDNY Rules. Demonstrate effective verbal, written, and non-verbal communication skills during all phases of the commercial fire inspection process. Explain the requirements for operations or facilities requiring a permit and/or certificate of fitness. Identify the occupancy type of a building. List the five types of construction. Perform a commercial fire inspection for each occupancy type through case study activities. Conduct research to identify applicable code or standards given a fire and/or life safety issue.
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Description Introduces the materials, operations and facilities that are regulated by the major parts of the 2008 NYC Fire Code and FDNY Rules. Familiarizes and assists Fire Prevention Personnel in locating, describing and applying applicable code requirements of the NYC FC to determine compliance or noncompliance. Identifies the differences between NYC Building Code and NYC Fire Code, codes, rules and referenced standards.

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