2009 IBC Masonry Quality and Field Practices

Course Title 2009 IBC Masonry Quality and Field Practices
Contact Hours6
Duration1 Day
Education CategoryStandard
ObjectivesWhen you have completed this seminar, you should be better able to: • Use the IBC effectively when inspecting structural masonry construction. • Define proper field inspection techniques. • Identify code compliant structural masonry construction. • Demonstrate understanding of field inspection techniques. • Identify the key code elements for masonry materials, quality control, sampling and testing, placing masonry units, reinforcing steel for masonry, mortar joints and grouting of masonry walls.
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DescriptionThe inspection of masonry ensures quality of construction and materials and helps to prevent costly repairs while increasing the longevity of the structure. Inspectors who have a basic knowledge of construction techniques and a working knowledge of the International Building Code, IBC, will benefit from this course because the course addresses quality field control placing masonry units and reinforcement of masonry construction.

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