2009 IECC Performing Residential Plan Reviews

Course Title 2009 IECC Performing Residential Plan Reviews
Contact Hours6
Duration1 Day
Education CategoryPremium
ObjectivesUpon completion of this seminar, participants will be better able to: 1.   Describe the purpose, criteria and basis for the plan review and code compliance with the 2009 IECC, including:
  • Plan review authorities and responsibilities.
  • The collaborative nature of professional plan review
2.   Explain requirements for construction documents. 3.   Meet plan review documentation and recordkeeping requirements. 4.   Describe the basic terms related to performing an energy plan review. 5.   Determine if the plan needs to comply with the IECC. 6.   Determine if the plan needs to comply with residential or commercial provisions of the IECC. 7.   Identify the compliance path for a given set of plans, including:
  • R-Value,
  • U-Factor,
  • UA and
  • Simulated performance.
8.   Identify and assess the design of building components for code compliance utilizing:
  • R-Value,
  • U-Factor,
  • UA
  • Calculated
  • REScheck
  • Simulated performance.
9.   Evaluate those circumstances where requirements established in the IRC affect the International Energy Conservation Code® specifically related to moisture control.
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DescriptionSeminar Description: This seminar addresses numerous provisions in the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code® where the code contains requirements applicable to construction, and design of an residential construction, but that are not regulated specifically by the International Residential Code®. The course is intended to help plan reviewer or building code officials responsible for plan review identify those areas where plan review will include compliance with the IECC.