2012 IBC Care Facilities Provisions

Course Title 2012 IBC Care Facilities Provisions
Contact Hours6
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Education CategoryPremium
ObjectivesUpon completion, participants will be better able to:
  • Determine the appropriate occupancy classification based on the attributes of the respective care facility.
  • Explain the three different levels of care facilities addressed by the IBC.
  • Describe the significant special provisions for the various levels of medical care facilities.
  • Explain the different fire protection features required in each type of care facility.
  • Identify the special provisions that show how care facilities are regulated differently from other types of uses, including egress, accessibility, allowable areas and other aspects.
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DescriptionThis seminar will address provisions in the 2012 International Building Code® and referenced standards relating to the design and construction of care facilities such as medical care, custodial care, ambulatory care and day care facilities. It will focus on the specific decision making needed to apply the provisions appropriately by highlighting the differences between the various types of care activities. The seminar will include a discussion on how the length of stay, number of care recipients, degree of care and capability/incapability of self-preservation all relate to the occupancy classification and resultant code requirements. Smoke compartments, dwelling and sleeping unit separations, incidental use separations and other special conditions provisions are also addressed. Unique provisions will be highlighted in the areas of accessibility, type of construction, fire protection, means of egress and interior finishes. During this seminar, participants will listen to lecture, discuss examples and participate in activities that pertain to applying sections of the IBC to care facilities.