2012 IBC Exit Systems

Course Title 2012 IBC Exit Systems
Contact Hours3
Duration3 hours
Education CategoryStandard
ObjectivesUpon completion, participants will be better able to:
  • Determine those means of egress components that are defined as exits
  • Identify where exit elements are required
  • Identify the specific exits established in the IBC
  • Understand the regulation of the exit discharge system
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DescriptionThis seminar focuses on IBC Chapter 10 means of egress components that are defined and regulated as “exits.” These components, defined in Chapter 2, are considered as high-level elements that provide a considerable degree of occupant protection within the means of egress system. The exit discharge provisions will also be discussed. Specific topics include:
  • Exterior exit doors at the level of exit discharge
  • Interior exit stairways and ramps
  • Exit passageways
  • Horizontal exits
  • Exterior exit stairways and ramps
  • Exit discharge

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