2012 IBC Mixed Occupancies -3h

Course Title 2012 IBC Mixed Occupancies -3h
Contact Hours3
Duration1/2 Day
Education CategoryStandard
ObjectivesUpon completion, participants will be better able to:
  • Define the concept for addressing mixed-occupancy buildings
  • Identify the three options that are available for regulating mixed-occupancy buildings
  • Describe the relationship of occupancy classification, allowable height, allowable area and occupancy separation to mixed-occupancy buildings
  • Identify incidental uses and understand how they differ from mixed-occupancy conditions
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DescriptionBased on the provisions of IBC Section 508, this seminar addresses those special requirements applicable to buildings containing two or more occupancy classifications. The three mixed-occupancy options are presented along with examples and exercises that illustrate the proper application of the provisions. Specific topics include:
  • Occupancy classification
  • Mixed occupancy conditions
  • Accessory occupancies
  • Nonseparated occupancies
  • Separated occupancies
  • Multi-story conditions