2012 IFC Compressed Gasses and Cryogenic Fluids 3h

Course Title 2012 IFC Compressed Gasses and Cryogenic Fluids 3h
Contact Hours3
Duration1/2 Day
Education CategoryCourse
Objectives Upon completion of this course you will be better able to:
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Description Industrial and specialty gases are encountered in most all occupancies. From medical gases in the dentist office or home health case, fuel gases mixed with oxygen in metal welding and fabrication facilities, to the use of specialty gases for heat treatment, calibration of sensitive measuring equipment or ripening fruits, compressed gases and cryogenic fluids are pervasive and important to society. The IFC has extensive requirements for compressed gases and cryogenic fluids in seven different chapters. The IFC also adopts several standards on various gas storage and distribution systems.This seminar, based on the 2012 IFC, provides a technical overview of the various IFC requirements for compressed, liquefied compressed and dissolved gases as well as cryogenic fluids. The course emphasis is on the classification of these hazardous materials, container and cylinder construction, piping and fittings, and a review of the hazard specific requirements in the IFC. The seminar also reviews the major requirements in the various reference standards for these systems.