2012 IRC Townhouse Fire and Life Safety Principles

Course Title 2012 IRC Townhouse Fire and Life Safety Principles
Contact Hours6
Duration1 Day
Education CategoryPremium
ObjectivesObjectives Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be better able to: • Locate the townhouse fire, life and safety provisions in the 2012 IRC. • Identify fire-resistive dwelling separation in townhouse design and construction. • Apply the requirements of the IRC to townhouse construction for garages and carports, means of egress, fire protection systems and accessibility. • Explain the intent of multiple dwelling unit separation and other life and safety provisions of the code.
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DescriptionParticipants will be better able to apply the fire and life/safety provisions for townhouse construction using the 2012 International Residential Code. This course addresses issues based on exterior wall and opening protection, separation of dwelling and dwelling units and means of egress. In addition, it compares the similarities and differences between the IRC and the IBC related to multiple residential dwelling construction. Activities in this course provide opportunities for students to interact with the code discuss answers with other learners and obtain feedback from the instructor. Through case studies, participants will be able to use practical generalizations so that they can examine critical concepts of fire separation related to two-family dwellings and townhouses in the 2012 International Residential Code® (IRC®). They will also be able to correctly use and apply related tables and provisions.

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