2012 IWUIC Fundamentals

Course Title 2012 IWUIC Fundamentals
Contact Hours6
Duration1 Day
Education CategoryStandard
Upon completion, participants will be better able to:
  1. Explain the wildland/urban interface and its impacts to local communities and jurisdictions.
  2. Explain the role that various documents, plans, standards and codes play in addressing the wildland/urban interface fire problem.
  3. Evaluate whether structures and communities are constructed in a way that limits their possible exposure from fires coming from wildland areas.
  4. Identify and assess the wildland-urban interface areas in their jurisdiction.
  5. Utilize web-based planning tools to increase the effectiveness of WUI mitigation efforts.
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DescriptionThis seminar provides an in-depth look at the wildland-urban interface fire problem in the United States and its impact on local jurisdictions. Strategies to best utilize ICC codes are discussed, with a thorough examination of the International Wildland Urban Interface Code, (IWUIC). Mitigation tactics are explored, including how to integrate Community Wildfire Protection Planning (CWPP), Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping with web-based hyperlinked planning and the International Codes.

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