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Candidate Services

ICC offers a feedback and appeal service that allows you to comment on your testing experience or challenge the results of your exam. Code Council Certification & Testing staff will review comments or challenges on specific exams, exam items, or any issues encountered during your examination.

Contact our Candidate Services Coordinator at appeals@iccsafe.org.


Contact our
Candidate Services Coordinator
Feedback and Appeals

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Submit a Comment/Challenge Form

Quick Forms:

Our experience shows that the best comments are those that come as soon after the testing process as possible. Include sufficient amount of detail to aid staff in the review of your challenged question(s) or issues related to the exam experience. Following receipt of your challenge, Certification and Testing staff will investigate each comment for merit and final determination of approval or denial of your challenge.

You will be mailed a response from Code Council staff within 15 business days from receipt of the form by the Code Council; a request for staff review is based solely upon the most recent examination taken.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you retake a failed exam on which you have submitted an appeal, you will forfeit your appeal opportunity for that exam attempt.

Comment/Challenge forms must be mailed or faxed to the following address or fax number:

International Code Council
ATTN: Candidate Services Coordinator
900 Montclair Road
Birmingham, AL 35213
Fax: 205-599-9884

Request a Review Session

In order to qualify for a review, you must be within 10 points of the minimum passing score of your exam.

Cost: $75 for each test reviewed

Request Review Session for a Paper & Pencil Exam
Request Review Session for a Computer-based exam

Reviews are designed to review missed questions and your original, incorrect answers on the most recently taken exam. It is not an opportunity to change answers on an examination or retake the exam.

During the Review, you may challenge questions you feel contain errors, or to defend your original answer. Review sessions are limited to one half of the original examination time. You may bring in any of the references listed in this bulletin as approved references for the examination you are challenging.

Challenges completed during a review session will be returned to Certification and Testing for analysis, and you will be provided a response to any items on which you complete a challenge form during
your review session.

To be eligible for a review, you must have scored within 10 points of the minimum passing score. Reviews must be scheduled no more than ninety (90) days following your most recent testing session.



Request a Hand Score

Hand Score

Cost: $30.00
Request a Hand Score Form

You may request a hand score of your examination to verify the accuracy of your reported score. Please be aware that the Code Council and Pearson VUE follow very careful procedures to ensure
the accuracy prior to issuance of score reports.

The cost of a hand score is $30. You must complete the Hand Score Request form (at www.iccsafe.org/contractor) and submit this form with a copy of your score report to the Code Council.

Hand score requests must be submitted to the Code Council within 90 days from your exam date. 

You will be mailed the results of the hand score within 15 business days from receipt of your request.

Please know that it is very rare that a score will be changed based on a hand score, as the automated scoring systems are very accurate; a request for hand score is based solely upon the most recent examination taken.

Services for Jurisdictions

For participating jurisdictions, ICC offers additional benefits for certification.  This includes custom testing development for state-specific legacy programs, as well as UST/AST Certification exams to complement state licensing programs.  Participation also nets special membership bonuses.  To become a participating jurisdiction, apply today!

Become a
Participating Jurisdiction

Custom Test Development

ICC Develops and administers customized construction trade licensing exams for hundreds of state and municipal jurisdictions. Download our brochure for more information or fill out an application to become a participating jurisdiction!

State-Specific Jurisdictions

Specialty Programs include Legacy and State Programs. Legacy exams are for jurisdictions that have not yet adopted the latest I-Codes and still use older codes. State exams are for jurisdictions with unique requirements to the National Program.

UST/AST Testing

Petroleum storage tanks are regulated by federal and state laws. The ICC UST/AST Certification exams can be used to complement state licensing programs. In some states, individuals are required to pass state-specific exams.