Wallet Cards for ICC Members and ICC Certification Holders

480154063_HIRES3A new and more durable style wallet cards is being sent by mail to ICC Members and ICC Certification Holders. With the new card in your wallet, you will only have to carry one card to demonstrate your ICC membership and/or your ICC certifications.

To personalize your new wallet card, submit a photo at verify.iccsafe.org. If you do not submit a photo, you will receive a card without a photo.

Each card has a QR (quick response) code and website address that can be scanned or entered to reach your personal page. Your page shows current certifications held, along with expiration date, and the status of your ICC Membership, if applicable. You can print your page as a temporary card for use until your new card arrives. Every current ICC Certification Holder and/or ICC Member will receive a new wallet card; you do not have to request one. Cards are sent in batches from now through the summer.

You can go to verify.iccsafe.org and enter your certification number, ICC Member number, or email address and upload a professional photo directly from your personal page (Please Note: ICC has the right to reject any photo deemed inappropriate.)

For more information, contact Certification and Testing at certexam@iccsafe.org or call 1-888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233), ext. 5524.